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Although Ye Jiushang was in seclusion, he had left a wisp of his consciousness outside to monitor everyone and everything, just in case.

After all, this was the tomb of the Spacetime Emperor.

It was filled with danger.

He could not ignore so many people and focus only on cultivating in seclusion.

With that wisp of divine sense outside, he naturally knew what these people were doing.

Even he wanted to eat now.

“Xiner, I havent had that dry pot roasted fish before!”

“Didnt you say that food is common and not otherworldly” Xue Fanxin teased him.

She knew that Ye Jiushang loved her cooking.

The last time he ate hot pot, he competed with Little Lei for food.

“The food here is naturally ordinary, but Xiner is an exception.

No matter how ordinary your food is, I want to eat it.”

Little Xiners cooking was excellent.

Furthermore, she made unique dishes.

He had never heard of or seen them before, so he naturally had to enjoy them.

“Next time.

We just ate.

If youre hungry, eat some snacks to fill your stomach.” Xue Fanxin took out a plate of exquisite snacks from her space and handed it to Ye Jiushang.

Before he could do anything, she threw a piece in her mouth.

“The taste is quite good! It looks like the chefs in the Lords Estate are not bad.”

Ye Jiushang was only interested in Xue Fanxins cooking.

He was not even willing to look at the rest, hence his unmoved expression.

Instead, he felt that the way Xue Fanxin ate the snacks was very cute, making him want to take a bite.

In the end, he pulled the person into his arms and put her on his lap.

Then, he bit her mouth, which was covered in crumbs.

“Ah… Ah Jiu, why did you bite me”

“Im more interested in eating you.”

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“Im not ripe yet.

You cant eat me even if you want to.” Xue Fanxin placed a finger on Ye Jiushangs forehead and pushed his head away, forcing his lips to leave her mouth.

Then, she jumped down from his lap.

Throughout the entire process, she did not show any shyness.

She did not blush or have any other reaction and continued to eat her snacks.

“Then I can only wait until youre ripe to eat you.” Ye Jiushang suppressed the raging flames in his body and adjusted his emotions, stopping his mind from wandering.

Furthermore, he knew that now was not the time.

Seizing Little Xiners innocence too early would not do her any good, so he should raise her first and eat her after she became fat.


The plate of snacks Xue Fanxin took out was quickly eaten by her.

She grinned and said, “I ate it all.

Its gone.”

Ye Jiushang smiled dotingly.

He had no feelings for those snacks and was only interested in Xue Fanxin.

Seeing that her mouth was still filled with the crumbs, he helped her wipe them.

“Look at you.

You got it all over your mouth.”

“No, I didnt.”

“Isnt this it”

“I didnt see anything.” A certain girl swept her gaze around and refused to admit it, acting completely shameless.

Ye Jiushang was extremely fond of Xue Fanxin.

He was always amused by her antics, and his emotions would be easily affected.

Every frown, smile, and word of hers could make him feel good.

“Xiner, youve advanced to the Spirit Refining Realm”

“Thats right! I just advanced.

After eating that Electric Water Eel, I suddenly broke through.

Its not only me.

Zhuri, Fuyun, Gu Jinyuan, and Ah Wei all advanced by a large realm.

Only Little Lei hasnt moved.”

“Thats impossible.” Ye Jiushang knew that Xue Fanxin had advanced.

He just felt that it was a little sudden and strange.

The Electric Water Eel could indeed raise a persons cultivation level, but to extract the flesh and blood essence of an entire fish, one had to completely absorb it in order to advance a major realm.

One adult Electric Water Eel was barely enough for Zhuri to advance from the Great Spirit Master Realm to the Spirit King Realm.

How could it benefit others together

Furthermore, she had only eaten a little of the Electric Water Eel.

The more Ye Jiushang thought about it, the more he felt that something was amiss.

Hence, he got Xue Fanxin to tell him all the details and see if he could find any clues.


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