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After her advancement, Xue Fanxin felt relaxed and comfortable.

Her entire body was in euphoria, and she felt light-headed as if she were brimming with energy.

Her spirit was really good.

“Phew… Its so comfortable!”

“Your Highness, Ive advanced to the Spirit Transformation Realm.” Fuyun was excited.

Previously, the Spirit Transformation Realm had always been a hurdle that she had difficulty crossing.

Now that she had finally stepped over the line, how could she not be thrilled

“Fuyun, congratulations.” Xue Fanxin knew that Fuyun pursued strength.

As a friend, she would naturally be happy for her.

“We broke through because we ate that fish, right”


Im not too sure.”

“It must it.

Ill continue eating.”

Gu Jinyuan and Ah Wei had just finished their breakthroughs.

Before they could express their joy, they heard Xue Fanxin and Fuyuns conversation.

When they saw Fuyun rush back inside, they followed her.

If that fish really was the reason, they had to go back and eat more.

Since eating could increase their cultivation level, of course, they had to eat more.

Perhaps they would achieve another breakthrough.

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“Is there such a good thing in the world” Although Xue Fanxin could guess that their collective advancement this time was related to that big fish, she did not think that they could advance just by eating.

There must be another reason.

She would ask Little Lei properly later or wait for Ah Jiu to come out of seclusion before consulting him.

Anyway, this matter was not urgent.

Now… she would go back and continue eating delicious food.

Xue Fanxin did not return to the courtyard in a hurry like the others.

She noticed that Gu Jinyuan and the others had ugly expressions.

All of them were staring fiercely at a certain young man who had eaten too much and was bloated.

“Burp… Im so full!” Little Lei had cleaned the table.

All the plates were sparkling, and not even a single vegetable was left.


No wonder Gu Jinyuan and the others were so angry.

All of them wished they could skin Little Lei alive.

“Little Lei, could you at least leave some for us How could you finish it all” Xue Fanxin said speechlessly.

Although she was a little displeased, she was in a good mood and did not argue with Little Lei.

As for the others… They were not hungry anyway, so it didnt matter!

Little Lei sat with his legs crossed and his little hand rubbing his bloated stomach.

With a satisfied expression, he said self-righteously, “You should thank me for finishing everything.

If you continue eating, be careful not to explode and die.”

“What do you mean”

“The Electric Water Eel is not an ordinary fish, especially an adult one.

Their cultivation power is all in the flesh.

Coupled with the fact that you used that pot to cook it, the spiritual energy in the flesh is dozens of times purer… In short, its best that they dont eat too much of it.

Their bodies cant bear it.”

Gu Jinyuan and the others cooled down, but they found his words a little difficult to understand… What did he mean by using that pot to cook Could it be that these pots and pans were extraordinary

Xue Fanxin naturally knew the pots werent simple.

They were all spirit artifacts, but she was a little suspicious of him.

Was that really the case

From the faint smile on Little Leis face and her intuition, she was certain that there was something wrong with his words.

Just as Xue Fanxin was about to interrogate Little Lei, a sudden gust of gale interrupted her.

With their previous experience, everyone knew what this meant.

They quickly stored the things in the courtyard in their storage bags and hid in their rooms, blocking the door and windows tightly.

However, the wind this time seemed to be different from before.

It came without any warning and was very strange.

Although the wind force was stronger, it seemed to be spiritual and not harmful.

The wind had come too suddenly just now.

They were unable to take refuge in the house in time and were blown by the wind, but none of them were injured.

“The wind today is odd,” Gu Jinyuan said in confusion, feeling that the wind this time was a little unusual.


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