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Everyone ran out to break through, leaving only Little Lei.

He happily cleared the table and said smugly, “Haha… Now, all these fish is mine.

What a bunch of idiots.

Didnt you even think about it The Electric Water Eel is not an ordinary fish.

An adult Electric Water Eel is also a great tonic for cultivation.

With just your lousy bodies, can you bear such a strong aid You dare to snatch it from me Be careful not to explode or die.

Haha… the rests all mine.

Its delicious, really delicious.”


When the spectators heard his explanation, they were so shocked that their jaws almost fell off.

At the same time, they figured out why Xue Fanxin and the others were all breaking through together.

So they advanced by eating that fish… It could be seen how valuable that fish was.

It was definitely even more impressive than what Gu Jinyuan had said before.

Something that could allow a Great Spirit Master to break through was definitely considered a priceless treasure in the Tongxuan Continent.

Even the power of the four great families might not be able to obtain such a precious item.

One such item was right there in front of them… Unfortunately, they could not obtain it.

If it were anyone else, even the royal family, they would have already snatched it, but that young man… Forget it.

They knew that Little Lei was very powerful.

Although they wanted that huge fish bad, they did not act recklessly.

They did not want to leave either.

Anyway, they were trapped here with nothing to do.

What if the scent of the fish could help them increase their cultivation levels

However, standing outside, smelling, and seeing a certain young man eating with relish, that feeling was really depressing and painful!

Xue Fanxin and the others did not know their pain because they were concentrating on advancing.

Zhuri had caused the greatest commotion.

His entire body emitted a powerful light, and he seemed to have been reborn.

His aura underwent a tremendous change.

The others had already advanced, but his breakthrough was not over.

Xue Fanxin stepped into the Spirit Refining Realm.

Gu Jinyuan had actually entered the Spirit Master realm, and Fuyun and Ah Wei had both successfully advanced to the Spirit Transformation realm.

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Everyone had advanced a major tier.

The speed at which their cultivation increased was really enviable and hateful.

Especially Gu Jinyuan and Ah Wei.

Before Xue Fanxin came, these two had been as miserable as they could be, but now

They were doing great.

Not only could they eat big fish and fresh meat, but even their cultivation levels had advanced by a large realm.

Yi Fentian originally wanted to leave, but when Xue Fanxin ran out in a hurry, he stopped in his tracks to see what was going on.

He felt terrible inside while watching them.

When he noticed that Xue Fanxins cultivation level had reached the Spirit Refining Realm and was gradually approaching him, he felt displeased.

He did not like how Xue Fanxin had become so powerful.

The current him was in the Spirit Transformation Realm.

Although she was a stage behind, she was taking giant strides.

With the help of an unfathomable person like Ye Jiushang, she might surpass him one day.

If Xiners cultivation level surpassed his, what would he use to snatch her back

No way.

Cultivation was not so easy.

They had only been lucky this time and had eaten that fish to advance.

Such luck could not be present all the time.

It was very likely to happen only once in a lifetime.

As long as he worked hard, Xue Fanxins cultivation level could not surpass his.

Yi Fentian really did not want to watch Xue Fanxin in high spirits.

Therefore, as soon as she finished her breakthrough, he turned around and left, planning to return and cultivate properly.

No matter what, he could not let a girl surpass him.



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