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Xue Fanxin made a pot of roasted fish and prepared a simple barbecue grill.

They could eat dry-pot fish and roasted fish slices at the same time.

She paired them with various fruits, vegetables, and seasoning.

There were all kinds of flavors, and everyone ate happily.

Little Lei ate the most exaggeratedly.

He looked at the pot as he ate, afraid that others would finish all the delicious food.

He protected his food and was not afraid of being scalded.

He kept stuffing bite after bite into his mouth, which was filled with oil.

He would suck in air when it was spicy.

Yet, he continued eating.

He felt that the more he ate, the more excited he got and the more delicious it became.

Gu Jinyuan was originally the cultured and refined Young Master of the Heavenly Treasure Trading Company, but at this moment, he had disregarded his image and ate heartily, even snatching food from Little Lei.

It couldnt be helped though.

Xue Fanxins cooking was just too delicious.

It was a delicacy they had never seen before.

Most importantly, the meat of the Electric Water Eel was fresh and delicious.

Its taste was pronounced despite being cooked with water; it was simply indescribable.

As they ate, why did they feel that something was wrong with their bodies

“Your Highness, I think Im about to break through,” Zhuri was the first to speak.

He was caught off guard by the abruptness of the matter.

He quickly put down his chopsticks and dashed outside to begin his breakthrough.

He had been stuck at the Great Spirit Master Realm for a very, very long time.

Logically speaking, it was impossible for him to have a breakthrough in the next few years.

If he did not have any opportunities, he would not have made any progress even if he cultivated for another ten years.

After all, it was really difficult to advance after the Great Spirit Master Realm.


If it had been so easy, those old fellows in Heavenly Saints City would have long ascended.

Why would they need to wait for death there

Ones lifespan would increase with each cultivation level.

Once one reached the end of their lifespan and their cultivation level did not advance, they would die of old age.

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However, after reaching the Great Spirit Master Realm, it was really difficult to advance further.

Most people spent dozens or even hundreds of years but could not take another step.

That was why Zhuri was so shocked and anxious.

He was worried that such a sudden breakthrough would affect him.

The next level was the Spirit King Realm, and it was a completely different experience, a cultivation realm of another level.

In Tongxuan Continent, many people could not reach that realm even after spending their entire lives working towards it.

Fuyun also felt that she was about to break through and quickly followed Zhuri out.

Next was Gu Jinyuan.

In the end, even Ah Wei rushed out.

“Whats wrong with them” Xue Fanxin was still biting onto a piece of meat.

She looked at the people running out in confusion.

Right then, she felt a powerful spirit energy flowing in her body.

Her dantian was incomparably hot, filled with powerful spirit energy, and it was about to overflow.

Furthermore, the meridians in her body showed faint signs of expanding.

Was she going to advance

She was really going to advance.

Xue Fanxin felt the impending breakthrough.

Like the others, she put down her chopsticks and sprinted out.

The people from the four great families were still outside.

First, they saw Zhuri, then Fuyun, Gu Jinyuan, Ah Wei, and finally, Xue Fanxin coming outside.

This made them puzzled, and they had no idea what these people were doing.

However, they soon knew the answer.

All of them stood there in shock, staring at those people with wide eyes.

They found the world unrealistic.

These people were all breaking through, especially Zhuri.

He had long been a Great Spirit Master.

If he advanced again, what stage would he reach

They must be dreaming.

This must be a dream.

A dream.

Definitely not real.


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