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Seeing the resentful expression on Li Yaoyaos face and her strong killing intent towards Xue Fanxin, Yi Tian was furious.

He suddenly reached out and choked her neck, warning her ruthlessly, “Li Yaoyao, youd better put away your evil thoughts towards Xiner or Ill make you die miserably.”

Li Yaoyaos neck was grabbed, and she almost couldnt breathe.

Her mouth was gaping, her eyes wide open.

She looked at the person in front of her in horror and suddenly felt that he was very unfamiliar.

He was not the Yi Tian she knew at all.

Yi Tian strangled Li Yaoyao and pulled her towards him.

With a hint of relief, he said ruthlessly, “Luckily, I didnt marry you and you werent willing to marry me.

Otherwise, I would definitely regret it now.

Next, you can slowly enjoy the bitter fruit you planted.”


“I dont want you to die so quickly.

The show has just begun!” Yi Tian didnt strangle Li Yaoyao on the spot.

He let go of her and left.

“Cough, cough…” Li Yaoyao clutched her sore neck and took deep breaths.

When she thought of what had just happened, she felt a burst of fear.

Not daring to stay any longer, she ran away with her weak body.

She returned to her room in panic and locked the door.

Only then did she feel a little safer.

At this moment, she truly believed that it was impossible for Yi Tian to care for her and love her as much as he used to.

The current him was a demon to her.

Without Yi Tian, her days in the Dukes estate would be even more difficult, so she had to find a new source of support as soon as possible.

New support

The Third Prince, Ye Chenping.

Li Yaoyao sat in front of the dressing table and looked at her devastatingly beautiful face in the mirror.

She was filled with confidence as she said to herself, “Xue Fanxin, when I become the Third Princes wife, Ill definitely step on you and make you wag your tail like a dog in front of me.”

What Li Yaoyao didnt know was that there was a person in black hiding in a corner of her room, listening to everything she said clearly.

When night fell and there was no one in the room, the black-clothed person left silently.

She came to a large courtyard and entered a luxurious room.

Then, she took off her black cloth and revealed her true appearance.

She was an ordinary-looking woman.

“Miss, Ive already investigated properly.”

Lian Bingyu was still reading at night, but her real purpose was to wait for the person she had sent out to investigate to come back.

“Is it really as Xue Fanxin said”

“Yes.” The maid told Lian Bingyu everything she had heard in Li Yaoyaos room.

After confirming that Li Yaoyao indeed had designs on Third Prince Ye Chenping, Lian Bingyu was so angry that she threw the book in her hand onto the ground and scolded angrily, “Li Yaoyao, you slut! How dare you think of snatching the Third Prince from me Dream on! You want to be the Third Princes wife with just your lowly status How ridiculous!”

Lian Bingyu took out two cards and handed them to the maidservant.

“You must hand these two invitations to Xue Fanxin and Li Yaoyao.

It doesnt matter if Xue Fanxin receives the invitation or not, but Li Yaoyao must.”


“Li Yaoyao, you didnt choose the path to heaven but chose the path to hell instead.

Dont blame me for being ruthless then.”

Whoever dared to snatch the Third Prince from her would die without a burial place.


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