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While Little Leis brain was full of the upcoming feast, Xue Fanxin was thinking about how precious this big fish was.

It could bring her delicious food and wealth.

She loved delicious food and money.

Both were perfect.

This big fish was clearly valuable.

The fish scales were gleaming with silver light, almost blinding her eyes.

To her, it was like white silver waving at her.

She definitely had to eat this fish.

After all, there was a shortage of food here.

However, things like fish scales and skin might be sold for a good price once she got out.

This could bring her a lot of wealth!

The more Xue Fanxin thought, the more excited she became.

She reached out with an itchy heart and wanted to pull out a scale to look closely.

Unexpectedly, no matter how hard she tried, she failed.

She just exhausted herself.

“Why are these fish scales so difficult to pull out They wont budge.

What should I do”

The fish scales were as hard as iron and stuck to the fish skin, which was also very tough.

Anyway, she could not deal with it.

“Is it that difficult” Little Lei had a look of disdain.

He casually pulled out a scale and handed it to Xue Fanxin.

“Here you go.”

Xue Fanxin got excited and exaggeratedly praised, “Wow… Little Lei, youre really too powerful, too awesome.

Quick, pluck all its scales and skin it too.”

“Why” Little Lei asked unhappily.

He was not interested in cleaning the fish; he was only interested in eating it.

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“If I dont pull out the fish scales and skin it, how can we eat it But I dont have the strength to do that.

How can I cut its meat Do you want to eat the fish scales too”

Little Lei felt that she made sense.

To eat roasted fish, he had to do a bit of work.

Filled with energy, his hands quickly pulled out the fish scales.

In just a few blinks, fish scales were heaped by the side.

Xue Fanxin picked up a fish scale and smiled widely.

“Wow… This thing is really extraordinary.

It must be very valuable.”

“Its only a low-level refining material.

Valuable my ass.” Little Lei could not help but splash cold water on Xue Fanxin.

Then, he continued to pluck the fish scales.

His speed became faster and faster.

In less than fifteen minutes, he was half done with the task.

The scene stunned the people from the four great clans.

They realized that this youth was much stronger than their initial estimations.

Although they had never touched the fish and did not know how hard its scales were, they could tell a thing or two from Xue Fanxins earlier try.

How hard were the scales and skin

Yet, this young man did it so casually.

One could imagine how powerful his brute force was.

He had also kicked this fish from midair.

That powerful force scared people just by looking at it.

Thinking back now, they still felt lingering fears.

They really did not know where this youth came from.

He was actually so powerful.

Perhaps his strength had already surpassed that of a Great Spirit Master.

They could not afford to offend such a person!

Yi Fentian had seen how powerful Little Lei was.

Recalling his extremely respectful attitude towards Ye Jiushang, he suddenly felt the disparity between them.

For the first time, he felt that he was inferior to Ye Jiushang.

The thought disgusted him.

No matter how hard he tried to suppress it, this feeling of disparity still remained.

How could he not compare to Ye Jiushang

Even if Ye Jiushang was the Imperial Uncle of the Heavenly Saint Empire, he was only a relative of the emperor.

According to rumors, he did not have any real authority.

On the other hand, he was the Young Master of the Yi family, one of the four great families.

He was the future leader of his family, and his status was not inferior to Ye Jiushangs.

Therefore, he could not be lesser than Ye Jiushang.



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