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After the Xue family got their food, only the Yi, Bai, and Lian families were left.

No one from these three families went forward; they just looked at each other.

In the end, Bai Han stepped up.

He took out some precious things and placed them on the table, saying expressionlessly, “This is all Gu Jinyuans stuff.

Ill give them to you.”

Xue Fanxin admired Bai Hans straightforwardness.

She did not waste time either and took out more than half a kilogram of rice and some fruits and vegetables.

Because of the treatment Third Master Xue and the others had received previously, Bai Han felt that Xue Fanxin was quite good to him.

For some reason, a strange feeling rose in his heart.

While receiving the food, the feeling intensified, and his heart beat much faster than usual.

Was this the girl who had saved him from the Hundred Herb Hall

If he knew she was such a beautiful and special woman, he would not have let her go so easily back in the Nanling Empire.

He even drew the line with her and repaid her for saving his life right then and there.

How could he have been so stupid back then

“Young Master Bai, youve got the food.

Please step aside.” Xue Fanxin saw Bai Han stand there in a daze with an incomprehensible smile on his face, so she had to remind him.

Bai Han returned to his senses and gave an awkward smile.

He took the food and left.

Once he was far away, he stopped and turned back to look at the distant Xue Fanxin, who was smiling unrestrainedly.

When he thought about how she was already the Ninth Imperial Consort, he felt uncomfortable in his heart.

Xue Fanxin did not care about Bai Han at all.

In the Dukes Estate, Bai Han had been anxious to cut ties with her.

She asked for a Jade Skin Spirit Flower from him, and from then on, she treated Bai Han as a stranger.

“Alright, there are only the two of you left.

Who wants to go first”

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Lian Fangcheng really did not want to deal with Xue Fanxin, but he had to.

Seeing that Yi Fentian was still unwilling to go forward, he could only do it himself.

He sensibly took out all of Gu Jinyuans things.

“These all belong to Young Master Gu.

Ill return them all now.

Is that okay”

“Since Young Master Lian is so straightforward, I wont beat around the bush.

This food is yours.

Take it.” Xue Fanxin gave Lian Fangcheng the same amount of food as she had given Bai Han.

Lian Fangcheng had no objections to this.

He took the food and left.

Only Yi Fentian was left now.

Although Lian Fangcheng had left the slot for some time, Yi Fentian stood still.

His subordinates got a little anxious and reminded him, “Young Master, its our turn.”

Yi Fentian ignored him.

He kept staring at Xue Fanxin, his eyes filled with complicated emotions.

There was confusion, panic, unwillingness, anger, and regret.

He spent quite a bit of effort suppressing these complicated emotions.

He walked forward with heavy steps and asked softly, “Xiner, do you have to be like this to me Weve known each other for years.

Although we havent gotten along well most of the time, you know that it wasnt my intention.

Can you not be so unfamiliar with me”

He could sense that in Xiners eyes, he was even inferior to Gu Jinyuan.

This feeling really displeased him.

He hoped that Xiner could treat him like how she treated others.

He did not ask for too much, only that she could be friendlier to him.



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