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As more and more people went to exchange for food, the stock of rice, fruits, vegetables, and meat Xue Fanxin had placed on the table and ground dwindled.

Only then did the important figures of the four great families begin to panic.

Some even roared, “Get lost!”

“Are you all rebelling How dare you be so impudent.”

“All of you, retreat.

You cant act recklessly in this matter.”

“Get lost.”

Someone from the four great families stepped forward to reprimand the people who were exchanging for food.

They quickly left, afraid that the food in their hands would be snatched away.

Those who had not yet exchanged for food were forced to retreat to the side under pressure, but they were unwilling to leave.

They did not act recklessly either.

Xue Fanxin got dissatisfied with the four great families actions, but they were just ordering their own men.

She could not be bothered to say anything.

Those people basically did not have any valuable treasures on them.

All the good things were gathered on these masters, so these were her targets.

“Everyone, this is all the food we have left.

What do you plan to trade for it”

“One thousand spirit coins, half a kilogram of meat.” Third Master Xue was the first to speak.

He threw one thousand spirit coins on the table, his face filled with displeasure.

His attitude was as bad as it could be.

Xue Fan smiled coldly.


Third Master Xue questioned angrily, “Why not They can buy half a kilogram of rice for 300 spirit coins.

Ill pay 1,000 spirit coins.

Why wont you sell”

“Because it depends on my mood.”

“Xue Fanxin, dont go too far.”

“I think the phrasegoing too far is more suitable for you.

What did you extort from Gu Jinyuan back then Take it all out.

I only accept objects in exchange for food now.

Im not accepting spirit coins anymore.”

“You…” Third Master Xue was enraged by Xue Fanxin.

In his exasperation, he wanted to rush up and hit her.

Xue Hanxi pulled Third Master Xue back in time and did not let him mess around.

As he apologized, he took out the thing he had obtained from Gu Jinyuan back then and placed it on the table.

“Im really sorry.

This uncle of mine has a bad temper.

Please forgive me.

I wonder if I can use this in exchange”

Xue Fanxin winked at Gu Jinyuan, indicating for him to make the decision.

Gu Jinyuan picked up the object, but his expression was still not too good.

He said bluntly, “Return the Watercloud Sword to me.

I can forget about the other things, but you have to return the Watercloud Sword to me.”

Third Master Xues expression became even uglier.

Clearly, the Watercloud Sword was with him.

Xue Hanxi had no choice but to advise, “Third Uncle, return the Watercloud Sword to him.”

“Why Back then, he was the one who willingly took it out in exchange for the stone house.

Why should I return it to him If you have the ability, get him to return the stone house to us,” Third Master Xue said self-righteously.

Xue Fanxin retorted coldly, “In that case, lets do an exchange.

Take out the Watercloud Sword and Ill give you food.”

“You want the Watercloud Sword with just this little food Dream on.”

“Then stand aside and go wherever it is cooler.

Dont stop others from exchanging for food.

Go away quickly.”


“You what Even if you take out the Watercloud Sword now, I wont give you the food.

Once you starve to death, Ill go and get it.

Wouldnt that be even easier”

Third Master Xue lost his words.

After gritting his teeth and hesitating for a while, he finally took out the Watercloud Sword and threw it on the table.

“Its just a lousy sword.

Ill give it to you.”

Xue Hanxi had been holding onto Third Master Xue the entire time, afraid that he would do something bad.

He even had to smile and clean up his mess.

“Weve already presented the Watercloud Sword.

I wonder if we can reach an agreement”

“No problem.

You gave a total of two things and there are two people, so Ill give you half a kilogram of rice, two pieces of cured meat, and a bunch of vegetables.” Xue Fanxin also handed the things to him with a smile.

She had a good impression of Xue Hanxi.

“A Watercloud Sword, is that all youre giving us” When Third Master Xue saw that little bit of rice and meat, his anger surged again.

He really wanted to tear Xue Fanxin.

“I said that each person can only buy half a kilogram of rice.

If you think its too little, you can choose not to accept it.”




“What are you screaming for I wont give you any more rice.”


“Third Uncle, lets go.” Xue Hanxi had some understanding of Xue Fanxins character.

To avoid ruining things, he forcefully pulled Third Master Xue away.

Although Xue Fanxin looked like a teenage girl, her boldness and courage were not something that ordinary people could possess.

Furthermore, she had the mysterious Ye Jiushang behind her and the powerful youth of unknown origins.

It was best not to provoke such a person.

The Xue family choosing to become enemies with Xue Fanxin was undoubtedly a foolish move.

Perhaps there would be great trouble in the future.


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