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Gu Jinyuan no longer had any objections.

He even helped move the food Xue Fanxin took out to the courtyard outside, personally presiding over the affair to maintain order.

He stopped these people from messing around.

If it was just Gu Jinyuan, the four great clans would have long robbed the food.

However, that powerful young man was also present, so no one dared to touch the table.

No matter how much they wanted it, they had to wait obediently.

Ye Jiushang sat there and watched Xue Fanxin busy herself.

When she was almost done, he said, “Little Xiner, I want to enter seclusion for a while, so you can do whatever you want here.

With Little Lei around, the four great families are nothing to fear.”

“Why are you suddenly going into seclusion” Xue Fanxin was planning to distribute food outside and take some treasures from them.

She could not help but ask curiously.

“I absorbed a little power of the astral winds just now and realized that it is the nemesis of the Draconic Lotus Intoxication, countering its effect on my body.

In addition, I have some gained comprehension.

I have to enter seclusion for some time to digest this, or I will miss this opportunity.”

Opportunities were very rare.

Even small opportunities were precious.

For someone at his level, what could be considered a small opportunity was definitely a huge opportunity that could only be chanced upon by luck.

Xue Fanxin also understood that, especially for people like Ah Jiu who were at the peak.

If he thought it was important, then it surely was.

“Ah Jiu, dont worry and enter seclusion.

Anyway, we wont be able to leave for a while.

I dont know how long well be staying here.

It might even be a year or two! Theres no need to fear the people of the four great families.

If they dare to provoke me, Ill play them to death.”

Ye Jiushang stroked Xue Fanxins head dotingly and said, “You can play as much as you want, as long as youre happy.

However, dont forget to cultivate.

Time flows differently in this place.

Half a month is equivalent to one day outside.

Take advantage of this and improve your cultivation level.”

“Yes, I know.

After I finish, Ill focus on cultivation.”

She had comprehended something the moment she came to this place.

The time here was also very special.

Of course, she could not waste it.

After everything had stabilized, she would place her focus on cultivation.

However, at the same time, she had to take care of the people here, including the four great families.

She could not let anyone starve to death or die of illness, or she would really stay here forever.

After the instructions, Ye Jiushang retired to his room.

The black cloth at the door seemed to have isolated him from the world.

From now on, apart from Xue Fanxin, no one dared to pull open the black cloth and enter the room.

Xue Fanxin watched as Ye Jiushang returned to his room and adjusted her emotions.

Then, she turned and walked out.

The courtyard was filled with people.

All of them looked anxious.

Some of them had ugly expressions as if they wanted to skin her alive.

“Everyone, stand properly and come one by one.

My food is limited, so each person can only buy half a kilogram of rice.

As for the other fruits, vegetables, and meat, well have to calculate it differently.

Well have to see what you can offer in exchange.”

“You…” Third Master Xue and the others from the four great clans were so angry that they wanted to quarrel with her.

However, Xue Fanxin did not give them a chance to speak.

She continued, “Those who have objections, stand aside.

Others come up.

Well sell a limited amount of food today.

After were done, well pack up, so those who want to buy food, come up quickly.”

The leaders of the four great families did not move because the limitation Xue Fanxin mentioned was really difficult for them to accept.

Everyone was only allowed to purchase half a kilogram of rice.

That would be gone in less than a day.

How could they live

It had to be said that some peoples thoughts were always so selfish.

They were only concerned with their own benefits and did not care about anything else.

However, those small fries did not think too much about it, because they were famished.

No matter what the higher-ups decided, they took out what they had to trade with Xue Fanxin.

“I only have three hundred spirit coins.

Can I buy half a kilogram of rice”

“Seeing that youre the first customer, Ill give you preferential treatment.

Along with rice, Ill also give you a potato and a piece of cured meat.”

“Thank you, thank you.

Thank you so much.”

“Youre welcome.

Take it.”

More and more people went forward.

They were all sacrificial soldiers of the four great clans or followers.

These people usually had to work themselves to death to find food for their masters while starving themselves.

It was already good that they could eat some leftovers, but unfortunately, there were no leftovers here.

Some people had not eaten anything for two days and were really hungry, so they swarmed over and took out all their wealth in exchange for food that could allow them to survive.


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