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The stone house had a total of two rooms, which were connected with a small door.

However, it was not blocked by anything.

Xue Fanxin took out a black cloth and hung it up as a door curtain.

She separated the two rooms and let Gu Jinyuan, Zhuri, and the others rest in the other room, while she and Ye Jiushang occupied one room alone.

There was no other choice.

A certain lord did not like to undress in front of outsiders, so everyone could only give him a room to himself.

Fortunately, these two rooms were big enough.

Each one was about ten square meters.

As long as beds were arranged appropriately, they would live comfortably.

Xue Fanxin was currently treating the wound on a certain lords back.

Seeing that the wound had not worsened, she was relieved.

She carefully treated his wound and applied medicine to bandage it.

Ye Jiushang sat on the bed and enjoyed Xue Fanxins service.

However, he was not in the mood to tease her.

His mind was filled with thoughts about the stone tablet.

Now that only the two of them were left in the room, he asked, “Xiner, are you sure you didnt read the words on that stone tablet wrong”

Not to mention the four great clans, even he did not believe her; it sounded just too ridiculous.

Xue Fanxin nodded and replied seriously, “That is indeed what is written on the stone tablet.

Ive read it carefully a few times and am sure about it.

It takes 50 people to open the challenge game.

Only by clearing all the levels here can we get out.”

Ye Jiushang believed her this time.

He sneered and said, “This Spacetime Emperor is really fun.

He actually spent so much effort to create such a thing.”

But was that really the case

He definitely did not believe that the Spacetime Emperor had spent so much effort just to play a game.

Presumably, the so-called challenge game must be extremely dangerous.

It would be good if half of the 50 people could survive.

Furthermore, quite a few people had already died before coming here.

No matter how many traps and dangers were in this tomb, he had to help Xiner break through.

It was not just this tomb.

He also wanted to visit the remaining seven tombs of the Spacetime Emperor.

“Ah Jiu, do you think the Spacetime Emperor has been to the world I used to live in If he hasnt been there, how would he know English” Ever since she saw the English stone tablet, Xue Fanxin felt that she was related to the Spacetime Emperor.

As for what their relationship was, she had no idea.

Perhaps she had seen the Spacetime Emperor in the 21st century

That was hard to say.

However, among the people she knew, apart from her master, no one was special!

“Thats not impossible.

The Spacetime Emperor has an extremely powerful grasp of the power of time and space.

Transmigration is not a rare thing for him.

Alright, no matter what this Spacetime Emperor wants to play with, well accompany him till the end.” Ye Jiushang did not want Xue Fanxin to waste her energy on something that was too far away from her.

He only hoped that she could live the present well.

As for the future, they would build it together.

Xue Fanxin also understood that some things were too far away from her.

It was useless to think about it, so she might as well not waste her brain cells.

She better focus on what was happening now.

“I think Gu Jinyuan, Ah Wei, and the others have been hungry for a long time.

Zhuri and Fuyun are also starving.

The key is that Im hungry too.

I cant go out now.

Why dont I cook everyone a delicious meal using the kitchenware and cutlery you refined”

“Im looking forward to it.”


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