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Chapter 266 Good Character

Xue Fanxin counterattacked Lian Fangcheng domineeringly, rendering everyone speechless.

Many people here knew that the Xue familys ban back then was a joke.

In less than two days, when the Ninth Imperial Uncle appeared and Xue Fanxins identity as the Ninth Imperial Consort was exposed, the ban immediately failed.

The Xue family did not even dare to let out a fart.

Xue Hanxi had been here for more than a year, meaning a month in the outside world, so he knew nothing about Xue Fanxin.

If not for Lian Cheng updating him about the outside world, he really would be oblivious to the affairs of the world.

However, the Xue Fanxin he saw was different from Lian Fangchengs description.

What incomparably ugly, stupid, and useless person It was simply nonsense.

She was both learned and beautiful.

At the same time, she was also bold and courageous.

Her brilliance was blinding, to say the least.

How was she as unbearable as they said

Furthermore, Xue Fanxin was his younger sister.

They were from the same clan.

At this moment, why did he feel like his younger sister had been bullied

“So its Sister Fanxin.

Im really sorry, I…” Xue Hanxi admired Xue Fanxin and wanted to befriend her.

But at this moment, a middle-aged man beside him reminded him softly, “Young Master, we have quite a few members here and cant take care of any more people.

Otherwise, Im afraid someone will really starve to death.”.

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“Third Uncle, no matter what, shes my younger cousin from the same clan and can be considered a member of the Xue family.

How can we ignore her”

“But if you want to take her in, you have to care for the people who are with her.

Those people are not to be trifled with.

Once you do, you have to serve them like theyre your ancestors.

Do you think everyone will be happy”

“This…” Xue Hanxi was in a difficult position, feeling extremely conflicted.

He did not want to leave Xue Fanxin alone.

After all, she was his younger cousin.

However, he was in a predicament.

When his own future was a question mark, how could he care about others

Although the middle-aged man was talking to Xue Hanxi in a low voice, Xue Fanxin heard them clearly.

She sneered in her heart.

Though her impression of Xue Hanxi was getting better and better.

He had good character.

If even Xue Fanxin could hear the middle-aged man and Xue Hanxis conversation, Ye Jiushang could definitely do so.

Disdain was written all over his face.

He looked at Gu Jinyuan and asked, “Wheres your stone house”

Although it was a question, Ye Jiushangs aura was overwhelming.

It was more like ordering Gu Jinyuan to give up one of the stone houses.

Gu Jinyuan smiled and said, “Follow me.

Ill give you my stone house.”

Right then, Gu Jinyuans follower, Ah Wei, happened to walk over.

When he heard this, he immediately asked anxiously, “Young Master, if you give up your stone house, where will you live”

“Ill go to Xiao Muyan.”

“Young Master Xiao will not agree.

You know his temper.” “I have my ways.”

“Young Master…”

“Go pack your things.”

Xue Fanxin could tell that Gu Jinyuan only had one stone house, but he was willing to give it to them.

She was very grateful.

Just as she was about to say something, someone spoke first and interrupted her.

“I definitely wont let you live in my stone house.

Youd better give up.

Since youre willing to give up your stone house, then sleep outside.

Dont expect me to take you in.”

Xiao Muyan suddenly appeared, threw down a sentence, and left, ignoring everyone.

That arrogance was really unmatched.


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