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Chapter 263 English Stone Tablet

Although no one from the four great families was willing to give up the stone houses, Xue Fanxin did not force them.

Before long, she would make these people regret it.

“Gu Jinyuan, thank you.

Youre a true friend.”

“Sure, sure.

Ill take you there now and introduce you to a friend.” Gu Jinyuan pretended to be casual and led the way.

“Sure! I want to get to know your friend too!” Xue Fanxin smiled in response.

She looked at Ye Jiushang and said, “Ah Jiu, lets go over first.

Well talk about the rest after we settle down.”

She had not forgotten the injury on Ah Jius back.

Although she had treated it briefly, sliding on the ice path must have torn the wound open.

Later, he had soaked in the cold lake water, so his injuries must have worsened.

She had to find a clean place to treat his wound.

Ah Jiu was the most important now.

Everyone else should move aside.

Xue Fanxin was very smart.

She did not say anything about Ye Jiushang being injured in front of outsiders and protected a certain lords pride.

Little Lei, Zhuri, and the others knew better than to say anything.

In fact, apart from Little Lei, Zhuri and Fuyun did not open their mouth at all.

They only followed Xue Fanxin and Ye Jiushang, waiting for their orders.

Gu Jinyuan brought Xue Fanxin, Ye Jiushang, and the others to an empty place not far in front.

There were twenty stone houses neatly built on both sides.

Their conditions looked quite good, but they were a little crude.

There were no doors or windows.

However, it was already good enough to have a place to stay in such a situation.

She could not be too calculative about other things.

Who knew if she could leave alive

In the center of the empty land was a stone tablet.

On it were densely packed strange words.

Some men were studying the stone tablet solemnly, discussing among themselves occasionally.

All their attention was on the stone tablet, and they did not care about the arrival of Xue Fanxin, Ye Jiushang, and the others.

“What are they doing” Xue Fanxin asked in confusion.

“There are many words carved on that stone tablet, but no one can understand them.

Everyone thinks that as long as we solve the mystery of the stone tablet, we might be able to get out.

See that man in blue His name is Xue Hanxi, and he is the Young Master of the Xue family.

He is the most knowledgeable here, so many people have placed their hopes on him,” Gu Jinyuan explained, also disclosing Xue Hanxis identity to Xue Fanxin in case she didnt know anything.

Xue Hanxi and his followers were the first batch of people to come here.

Although he had only disappeared for a month or so outside, more than a year had passed.

In the beginning, Xue Hanxi did not know that the time flow here was different.

He thought that he had really been trapped for a year.

As more and more people came, he learned that it had only been a month.

Xue Hanxi got more energetic.

He came to study the stone tablet every day, and sometimes, he would go at it for a few days without resting.

Unfortunately, he had yet to figure it out and was unable to understand a single word on the stone tablet.

Xue Fanxin slowly walked forward and looked up at the words on the stone tablet.

After taking a look, she exclaimed in shock, “My goodness, its actually English”

Was she seeing things

The words on the stone tablet were actually in English.

This place actually had English.

The world was so mysterious!


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