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Chapter 257 Not Bad

By the time Little Lei finished his round of beating, Xue Fanxin, Ye Jiushang, and the others had already come out of the water and were cleaning their clothes.

With a little circulation of energy, they could dry their wet clothes.

Xue Fanxin did not want Ye Jiushang to circulate his energy, though.

Even if it was just a little, she would not let him.

Therefore, she helped him first.

Ye Jiushang knew Xue Fanxins intentions.

A wave of warmth flowed through his heart.

He did not reject her and did not say thank you either.

There was no need for them to be so polite with each other anymore.

After everyone had dried their clothes, Little Lei was done.

As Ye Jiushangs request was to make these people suffer, no matter how much he wanted to kill them, he had to leave them alive.

Otherwise, his master would be unhappy.

He was most afraid of his master getting unhappy.

Otherwise, his ending would be very, very miserable.

“Master, Ive already crippled all of them.

Is that good”

“Not bad.” Ye Jiushang was no longer so angry at Little Lei.

After all, there was a reason for this.

Furthermore, this punk had worked so hard after the incident.

He was worthy of forgiveness.

Little Lei understood from Ye Jiushangs tone that his displeasure was gone.

He immediately felt a lot more relaxed.

God knew how afraid he was of his master.

If they had not seen for themselves how terrifying their master was, no one could imagine it.

Regardless of whether others were afraid or not, he was very afraid.

It was precisely because of that that he admired Xue Fanxin.

Perhaps only this woman dared to provoke his terrifying master.

At the same time, perhaps only she could obtain his love.

“Why are there people from the four great families here” Xue Fanxin looked at the few people who had been beaten up by Little Lei.

She did not pity them at all, only looking at them in confusion.

She could not understand why the four great families had come to Tomb Two of the Spacetime Emperor.

“Perhaps they are the people who dug your great-grandmas grave” Although Ye Jiushang used a questioning tone, he was already very certain.

Previously, he had studied Shui Qianrous tomb and found traces of it being dug.

It seemed like there had been more than one instance.

The four great families had a motive for digging Shui Qianrous grave.

Seeing the Water Jade Crystal Coffin, they would definitely open it.

In the end, they were the same as them and had been sent here.

However, the fact that the four great families could come here really shocked him.

After all, the Void Pathway and the evil bone spectral soldiers were not easy to deal with.

The little ability of the four great families wasnt enough to tackle them.

He did not understand how they could come here.

A crowd had gathered in front of them.

When they saw the miserable condition of their men, they were furious.

“How dare you! You actually have the balls to beat up people from the four great families.

It looks like youre tired of living.”

“Who are you If youre not from the four great clans, which faction are you from State your names.”

As the four great families questioned Xue Fanxin and Ye Jiushang, another voice sounded from behind.

“Why are you guys here too”

Hearing a familiar voice, Xue Fanxin looked up.

She said in shock, “Gu Jinyuan, why are you here”

Then, the two people beside Gu Jinyuan also attracted her attention, making her even more shocked.

Heavens, why are these two guys here as well


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