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Chapter 251 Two Methods

The reason Little Lei woke up earlier was that his cultivation level was high enough.

Besides, he had a special relationship with Ye Jiushang.

Furthermore, the illusion had already been removed by the little white tiger, so he could wake up so quickly.

However, Zhuri and Fuyun were different.

Even Zhuris cultivation was far inferior to Little Lei, let alone Fuyun.

Such a powerful illusion was not something they could resist.

Although the illusion had been destroyed, they had already fallen deep into it and would not wake up for a while.

Since they were trapped and unaware of the danger, when the black aura swept towards them, they did not resist at all.

It easily invaded their bodies, turning them crazier.

“Ah Jiu, Zhuri and Fuyun are still trapped in the illusion.

What should we do” Xue Fanxin was anxious.

She did not know how to save them, so she had no idea what to do.

All she could do was look at Ye Jiushang.

Little Lei looked at Zhuri and Fuyuns current appearances and felt lingering fears.

If he had still been trapped in the illusion, he would have been like the two of them now, enveloped by the dark black aura and going crazy.

Fortunately, he had woken up.

Otherwise… it would have been terrible.

“There are only two ways to save them,” Ye Jiushang said solemnly.

He was starting to be apprehensive of the Spacetime Emperors tombs.

Although he had long known that the nine tombs were not simple, he firmly believed that he had the ability to deal with all the dangers and difficulties in the tombs.

But now, he got injured just after entering the tomb and encountered an illusion that even he found troublesome.

This was only the second tomb.

The seven tombs behind this were probably each more dangerous than the last.

He was really a little worried.

If Little Xiner could not pass the nine tombs, what would the consequences be

It seemed like he had to make some special preparations.

“What two ways” Xue Fanxin did not know what Ye Jiushang was thinking.

All she wanted to do now was save Zhuri and Fuyun.

“One is to let the little white tiger use the Eye of Aurora to destroy the illusion that trapped them.”

“Er… This method might not work.

The little white tiger is so drunk that its unconscious.” “Even if it isnt drunk, Im afraid this method will be very difficult to use because its strength is still too weak.”

“Then whats the second method”

“The Jiushang Guqin and Xue You Flute playing the Soul Awakening Song together might be able to wake them up.

But you havent learned the Soul Awakening Song yet.

This method is also a bit tricky.” Ye Jiushang found the second method more reliable than the little white tiger.

Xue Fanxin looked at the drunk little white tiger and felt the same way.

She should do it herself.

“Bring me the score of the Soul Awakening Song and give me some pointers.

Ill try my best to learn it as soon as possible.”

Ye Jiushang nodded and took out the score for Xue Fanxin.

Then, he guided her and used the Jiushang Guqin to play it on the spot.

When Ye Jiushang played the Soul Awakening Song, Zhuri and Fuyuns states improved a little.

Although they were still crazy, it was no longer as serious as before.

There was a moment when they paused, but unfortunately, the effects of the Soul Awakening Song were not enough.

They quickly started to go crazy again.

Xue Fanxin studied the Soul Awakening Song very seriously.

Under Ye Jiushangs guidance, she had already figured out the way to play it in less than fifteen minutes.

She just had to give it a try next.

Right then, Zhuri and Fuyun went completely crazy.

Previously, they had only been hugging a pile of white bones and laughing maniacally.

Now, they had a desire to kill.

“Master, bad news.

Be quick,” Little Lei said anxiously, prepared to attack.

If he really had to, he definitely wouldnt mind kicking these two people away.


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