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Chapter 249 Let It Off

Just as Xue Fanxin noticed the little guys disappearance, it sauntered over from afar.

Furthermore, it swayed as if it was drunk.

“Awroo, awroo…”

“Little guy, whats wrong” Xue Fanxin picked up the wobbly little white tiger and smelled alcohol all over its body.

Just the smell was intoxicating, let alone drinking it.

“Youre drunk Where did you find alcohol in such a godforsaken place”

“Awroo, awroo…” The little white tiger was drunk.

When Xue Fanxin carried it, it nestled in her arms and slept soundly, looking like it was enjoying itself.

The moment Ye Jiushang saw the little white tiger in Xue Fanxins arms and rubbing against her chest, he was enraged.

He picked it up and threw it far away.

“I dont care if youre drunk or not.

This is not a place you can stay.

Get lost.”


The little white tiger fell to the ground, rolling a few times before stopping and lying on the ground weakly.

Its mind cleared up a little, but it was still dizzy, and its limbs were weak.


“Ah Jiu, what if you hurt it” Seeing the little white tiger in a poor state, she wanted to go over and hug it.

However, Ye Jiushang did not let her.

“In other places, it might get injured from the fall, but here, no one can hurt it.”

They knew nothing about Tomb Two of the Spacetime Emperor, but the little white tiger could find fine wine here and even got drunk.

Clearly, it was familiar with the environment here.

It could be seen that the little white tiger must know some secrets of this place.

Ye Jiushang did not want to waste time with the tiger.

He threatened it coldly, “If you dont remove the illusionary realm here, Ill skin you.

Dont doubt my words, and dont think that Little Xiner can protect you.

As long as I have the intention, your skin will definitely not be able to protect you.”

After the fall, the white tiger was a little clear-headed.

When it heard Ye Jiushangs terrifying voice again, it was so scared that no matter how dizzy it was, it quickly pulled itself together.

It was still swaying and walking as it activated the Eye of Aurora and used all its strength to break the surrounding illusion.

Afterward, the little white tiger was so tired that it sprawled on the ground.

Coupled with the fact that it drank quite a lot of wine, it was wasted.

It could no longer support itself and collapsed onto the ground, sleeping soundly.

Ye Jiushang really wanted to throw it again, but before he could do anything, Xue Fanxin had already stopped him.

“Forget it.

It has already done its best.

Furthermore, the illusion has been removed.

Take it easy.”

“Alright, for your sake, Ill let it off this time, but there wont be a next time.” Ye Jiushang actually had no intention of doing anything to the tiger.

After all, they still had to rely on it to search for the Spacetime Emperors tomb.

However, even if he did not take this beasts life, he would not let it have an easy time.

Xue Fanxin knew that Ye Jiushang hated the little white tiger.

Initially, when they were in the void passageway, the ability the little white tiger revealed made Ah Jiu admire it a little.

Unexpectedly, this little guy did not know how to cherish opportunities at all.

It actually ran over to drink wine at a critical moment and got drunk, almost ruining an important matter.

If everyone got in danger because of it, she was certain that Ah Jiu would not let the little white tiger off easily.

Little tiger, oh little tiger, good luck to you.

Xue Fanxin temporarily ignored the drunk guy and let it sleep on the ground, turning her attention to Little Lei and the others.

When she looked up and saw what was in the pit, she was frightened.

“Oh my god! How… how could this be”


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