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Chapter 246 I Forgot

After Xue Fanxin entered the tent, she realized that there was even a bed inside.

Although it was simple, it was clean and tidy with high-grade quality.

Ah Jiu was so particular when he was out.

She was really speechless.

However, he had the power and the ability.

Even if he was high maintenance, it was nothing.

Ye Jiushang followed Xue Fanxin into the tent with a happy smile on his face.

Clearly, he was in a good mood.

He sat on the bed and said leisurely, “Didnt you want to help me treat the injuries on my back Im prepared.

Come, help me undress first.”

Pfft… When Xue Fanxin heard the wordundress, she felt a little embarrassed and really wanted to yell at him.

But seeing his bloody back, she could not care about the little things anymore.

Her heart ached, and all her attention turned to his injuries.

“There are some small sandstones in the wound.

I have to clean them immediately.

I also have to change the clothes that are stained with blood.”

“Alright, do whatever you want.

Ill cooperate with you,” Ye Jiushang said with a chuckle, enjoying the beautiful moment.

Indeed, he did not like to change outside, much less in front of others.

In the past, he wouldnt break his rule for anyone, but from now on, there was one exception-Little Xiner, his consort.

Xue Fanxin was not interested in Ye Jiushangs thoughts.

She started doing her thing and gently took off Ye Jiushangs clothes, leaving his upper body naked.

Then, she said, “Lie on the bed.

Ill treat the wound on your back.”

“Alright.” Ye Jiushang was very cooperative as he sprawled on the bed.

His back was a mess, yet he could smile and looked like he was enjoying himself.

Xue Fanxin took out all kinds of medicine and tools from her space.

She ignored Ye Jiushangs expression and did her work seriously.

She carefully took out the sand and stone particles from his flesh and cleaned his wound before applying the medicine.

No matter what she did, she tried her best to be gentle.

Even she felt pain just by looking at such an injury, so Ah Jiu must be in a lot of pain.

“This medicine will hurt when applied, but the effects are very good, so bear with it.

Although it hurts, its only in the beginning.

There will be a cold feeling later.”

“Little Xiner, Im not as weak as you think.

Ive suffered injuries that are ten or a hundred times more serious than this, so this little pain is really nothing.”

“Then how did you survive in the past”

“I… forgot.” Ye Jiushang did not want to recall bad memories of the past, nor did he want to say that he actually had better medicine for injuries.

Anyway, it was only a superficial wound.

It would be fine in less than two days.

He did not want to miss the chance to have intimate contact with Little Xiner.

It was also a kind of happiness to be served by Little Xiner so gently.

He liked it.

Xue Fanxin knew that Ye Jiushang did not want to talk about the past, so she did not ask further.

She continued to treat his wound.

After applying the medicine, she dressed it and wrapped a thick bandage around Ye Jiushangs body.

Unexpectedly, just as she finished, she was pulled into a warm embrace.

“Ah Jiu, what are you doing Youre still injured.

Dont move, or your wounds will open again.” After getting hugged by Ye Jiushang suddenly, she did not dare to move.

“Let me hug you for a while.”

“Are you done hugging me now”

“A lifetime wont be enough.”

Just as Ye Jiushang was about to hug Xue Fanxin properly and enjoy the feeling of having a beauty in his arms, Little Leis cry sounded from outside.

“Master, Master…”


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