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Chapter 239 I Dont Understand

Xue Fanxin placed everything back in the small jade box.

Even if they were all treasures, she was not that interested in them.

At most, she would think that these things were left behind by an elder and should be kept properly, rather than think about what benefits they could bring her.

She then turned her attention to the grave.

Looking at the shattered tombstone, she felt a little ashamed and guilty.

She knelt in front of the grave and kowtowed a few times, saying sincerely, “Great-grandma, Im Xue Fanxin, your great-granddaughter.

My visit today was unplanned, so I didnt prepare any incense.

I even destroyed your tombstone.

Im really sorry.

Ill kowtow and admit my mistake here.”

“Little Xiner, what are you doing” Ye Jiushang looked at Xue Fanxin kowtowing so seriously and found her cute.

He waited for her to finish before speaking.

Xue Fanxin said in a serious manner, “Of course, Im apologizing to my great-grandma! We destroyed her tombstone.

This is a great disrespect to the dead.

Furthermore, the person inside is my great-grandma.

As a junior, I should kowtow to her a few times.”

“You should indeed kowtow to your elders, but you have to kowtow to the actual person.” “What do you mean”

“Theres just an empty coffin inside.

No one is inside it.”

“What How is that possible How did you know that there was an empty coffin in there” Xue Fanxin stood up in shock and stared at the grave with her eyes wide open.

No matter how she looked, she could not tell if there was anyone in the grave.

Could it be that Ah Jiu had X-ray vision and could see through obstructions

“Judging from the traces at the scene, this grave has been dug up many times, most likely by the Xue family, or it could be others.

Those people wont have any respect for your great-grandma.

When they dig the grave, they will definitely open the coffin.”

“You mean they took my great-grandmas skeleton”

“Thats a possibility, but its also possible that there was no one in the tomb, to begin with.”

“Thats impossible, right” Although Xue Fanxin found it hard to believe, she had an inexplicable trust in Ye Jiushang.

No matter what he said, she would believe him.

Ye Jiushang smiled mysteriously.

Then, he grabbed a handful of soil from the tomb and placed it under his nose to smell it.

He crushed the soil and said, “This soil emits rather special spirit energy, which contains the aura of death.

Furthermore, its not an ordinary aura of death.”

“Ah Jiu, I dont understand.” She wasnt just a little confused; she could not understand at all.

“To put it simply, the soil is tainted with the aura of death.

The aura of death is condensed from the grievances of countless dead people.

It can only be found in large-scale tombs and such places.”

“I still dont understand.

“In other words, there must be countless bones and vengeful spirits under this tomb.

If your great-grandma was really buried here, her bones would either have been destroyed by those vengeful spirits or she herself would become one.

How can a vengeful spirit tolerate others digging her grave repeatedly From your great-grandmas tombstone, I can tell that the person who buried her must not be simple.

Do you think that person will bury your great-grandma in a place where the vengeful spirits gather”


He was now certain that Shui Qianrou was not buried here.

There must be an empty coffin in the tomb.

However, there were too many mysteries in this matter.

Only by digging the grave and opening the coffin could he know more.

Xue Fanxin understood a little now.

She started to be a little afraid.

Looking at the grave in front of her, she felt her blood run cold.

Didnt Ah Jiu mean that there was something unclean nearby

Those fluttering things were terrifying.

“Zhuri, dig up the grave.” Ye Jiushang did not seek Xue Fanxins permission.

After observing Shui Qianrous grave many times, he gave an order to Zhuri.

He wanted to see what was hidden beneath the tomb.


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