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Chapter 237 Phoenix Clans Phoenix Badge

Xue Fanxin did as Ye Jiushang said and pricked her finger with a silver needle, dripping a drop of blood onto the stone tablet.

The moment it touched the tablets surface, it was instantly sucked dry, leaving no trace behind.

It was as if it had been eaten.

The tombstone emitted a dazzling watery-blue light.

Following that, cracks started appearing on it, giving snapping sounds.

Before long, the entire tombstone was filled with cracks, and then it shattered.

An exquisite small jade box was revealed.

It automatically floated to Xue Fanxin and landed in her hand before opening on its own.

There was no need for her to do anything as everything inside had already appeared in front of her.

“Whats going on” Xue Fanxin stared at the small jade box in her palm in confusion.

There was a letter, a phoenix jade hairpin carved from blue crystal jade, and a badge.

Xue Fanxin was traumatized by these badges.

She was afraid that it would be another lethal item, so she did not dare to move.

She did not even touch the other things in the box.

She brought them to Ye Jiushang and showed them to him.

“Ah Jiu, these were in the box.

Do you know what they are”

“This is…” Ye Jiushang took out the badge from the jade box and looked at it carefully.

His face revealed shock.

“This is the Phoenix Clans Phoenix Badge.”

“What badge”

First, there was a Supreme Badge, now there was a Phoenix Badge.

Why did all the badges in the world like to come to her side

“The Phoenix Clans Phoenix Badge has a special connection with the legendary Fire God Phoenix.

It is said that one can summon the Fire God Phoenix through it.

However, this is only a legend.

To this day, I have never heard of anyone successfully summoning the Fire God Phoenix.

But even so, there are still many people who put their lives on the line for the Phoenix Badge.

In the end, the Phoenix Clan spread the news that the Phoenix Badge had been stolen.

From then on, its whereabouts remained unknown, never to be found.”

No wonder the people couldnt find it anywhere.

The badge had landed in a small place like the Tongxuan Continent.

What was so special about this Tongxuan Continent The Phoenix Badge was here, the Supreme Badge was here, and the two great tombs of the Spacetime Emperor were both here…

He had come to the Tongxuan Continent to find the Phoenix Star.

He had thought that everything would be over once he found her, but now…

This place was much more interesting than he had imagined.

It seemed like he had something to play with

“Why is the Phoenix Clans Phoenix Badge in my great-grandmas tombstone Why would the tombstone shatter after absorbing my blood Why did this jade box fly into my hand by itself” Xue Fanxins mind was filled with question marks.

She had no answers, but she had a feeling that these things were related to her.

“Maybe because your blood has the power of nirvana” Ye Jiushang was also racking his mind to guess the answers to various questions.

After connecting the dots, he came to a plausible explanation.

However, this answer shocked him even more.

In this world, the only one who had the power of nirvana was the Fire God Phoenix.

Little Xiner had the power of nirvana, so she and the Fire God Phoenix… Ye Jiushang did not dare to guess further, because that was only a guess.

There was no evidence.

Even if his guess was correct, it did not matter.

Anyway, no matter who Little Xiner was, she was someone he had set his mind on.

She was his consort and his woman.


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