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Chapter 234 No Words to Refute

Ruying wanted to kill Zhuiyue but was stopped.

If he had not dodged in time, the sharp sword aura would have struck him.

By then, Zhuiyue vanished without a trace.

Only a crazy and cold voice sounded in the empty room.

“I will save the people Ye Jiushang wants to kill.”

“Ghost King.” Ruying recognized the voice of the Ghost King, his expression turning a little strange.

He frowned and got a little worried.

Not long ago, he told Suixing that the Ghost King was not to be feared, yet the man in question snatched Zhuiyue right under his nose and even said such arrogant words… When had the Ghost King obtained such strength

Was it a recent breakthrough, or had he always been so powerful

Regardless, he could not underestimate his enemy anymore.

As for Zhuiyue, she was just a small fry.

She could not cause any trouble, so there was no harm in letting her live a few more days.

Xue Fanxin and Ye Jiushang were unaware of what had happened in the Lords Estate.

Even if they knew, they probably wouldnt take it to heart, because they had something even more important.

When she came to the Red Maple Forest again, Xue Fanxin did not feel unfamiliar at all.

Instead, she felt a sense of familiarity and was in a very good mood.

She picked up two red leaves on the ground and played with them in her hand.

Then, she scanned her surroundings, searching for the place she had seen in the Supreme Badge.

“Ah Jiu, this doesnt seem to be the place I saw in the Supreme Badge.

We have to search carefully.”

“Theres no need to go through so much trouble.

Once were here, we can let the Mystic Crystal White Tiger look for us.” Ye Jiushang glanced at the little tiger hiding behind Xue Fanxin and released a cold aura.

The tiger was afraid of Ye Jiushang.

He did not like seeing it always sticking to Xue Fanxin, so it only dared to follow behind her.

Even so, Ye Jiushang was still dissatisfied with it.

Especially in the past few days, it kept feeling that a certain lord hated it so much that he wished he could skin it alive.

In this situation, it had to carry out a certain lords orders immediately, or else…

Lets not think about it.

Lets hurry up and find the tomb.

The little white tiger ran off to do its work, not daring to hesitate or complain.

Xue Fanxin had long sensed Ye Jiushangs dislike for the little white tiger and was puzzled.

She asked in confusion, “Ah Jiu, why do you dislike the little guy so much Its so cute and obedient, and it didnt provoke you.

Why do you hate it”

“If not for it, would you have obtained the Supreme Badge” Ye Jiushang was enraged at the thought of this.

Although the tomb of the Spacetime Emperor contained powerful inheritance and treasures, searching for them was an extremely dangerous task.

Once it started, she could not give up, or she would die.

It was this damned Mystic Crystal White Tiger that had pushed his little consort onto this path of no return.

How could he not hate it If anything happened to his little consort, he would definitely skin that beast alive.

In fact, he would have done so if not for the fact that it was very likely that the Mystic Crystal White Tiger had a special relationship with the Spacetime Emperor.

Xue Fanxin was rendered speechless.

However, she could not retort because Ye Jiushang sounded quite reasonable.

Though it was useless to hate the little white tiger.

She could only walk forward bravely.


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