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Chapter 228 Im Begging You

When Xue Fanxin found out that the Tree of Life was so difficult to plant, she lost some confidence.

“Ah Jiu, what if I cant plant the Tree of Life either”

“Leave it to fate.

If you cant plant it, so be it.

You dont have to give yourself any pressure,” Ye Jiushang said gently as he stroked Xue Fanxins head.

No matter how much he yearned to plant the Tree of Life, he would not exert any pressure on her.

Anyway, he did not have much hope for the Tree of Life.

Not only the Tree of Life, but the Dragon Blood Soul Lotus and the Nine Revolutions Purple Leaf Orchid were also the same.

Even though they were not as valuable as the Tree of Life, they were still rare treasures.

Planting them was not easy.

Xue Fanxin knew that Ye Jiushang did not want her to feel pressure, but she could tell how important these three things were to him.

Therefore, she swore to herself that no matter what, she had to work hard to grow these three plants.

“Ah Jiu, I already understand the Tree of Life.

Whats the use of the Dragon Blood Soul Lotus and the Nine Revolutions Purple Leaf Orchid”

“To me, their greatest use is in cultivation.

Ive told you that my cultivation technique is a little different.

Every time I break through, Ill sleep for a period of time.

In fact, not only will I sleep after breaking through, but I will also fall into a deep sleep when I am too injured or exhausted.

This is the flaw of the cultivation technique.

The Dragon Blood Soul Lotus and the Nine Revolutions Purple Leaf Orchid can compensate for these flaws.”

Although his body would heal by itself after falling asleep, his six senses were completely sealed.

If someone with ill intentions wanted to harm him, he might not even know how he died.

Therefore, every time he slept, he would completely seal himself in the crystal coffin to better protect himself.

When Xue Fanxin found out the importance of the Dragon Blood Soul Lotus and the Nine Revolutions Purple Leaf Orchid, she decided she had to do her best.

“Ah Jiu, dont worry.

Ill definitely work hard to grow them.”

“Theres no hurry.

Lets talk about it in the future.

The most important thing now is to find Tomb Two of the Spacetime Emperor.

Rest well for the next two days.

Well set off to the Red Maple Forest then.” Ye Jiushang had not forgotten about the Nine Tombs of the Spacetime Emperor.

How could he forget when this concerned Little Xiners life and death

Although there was no news about Tomb Three yet, he had a feeling that the nine tombs shared a special connection.

After finding Tomb Two, they would most likely have to look for Tomb Three.

The Supreme Badge was not a joke.

If she did not do as the Spacetime Emperor asked, it would probably be very difficult to protect Little Xiners life.

The more Ye Jiushang thought about it, the more he felt that this matter was a little troublesome.

He was worried that after finding the second tomb, the Spacetime Emperor would make even more stringent requests.

“Oh.” Xue Fanxin nodded in response.

Although she looked serious, she was actually thinking about something else.

The Dragon Blood Soul Lotus and the Nine Revolutions Purple Leaf Orchid were so important to Ah Jiu.

She had to plant them quickly.

Anyway, it wouldnt take much time.

Before sleeping at night, she just had to enter her space.

That night, Xue Fanxin dug three small pits in the Reverse Spirit Heaven Wheels space.

She planted the three seeds separately and got some water to water them.

After finishing, she squatted on the ground and watched for a while, talking to the seeds buried in the ground.

“You must take root and germinate! It has always been Ah Jiu who is helping me.

He has done so much for me, and I want to do something for him, too.

Im begging you here.”

Just as Xue Fanxin was praying piously, something suddenly flew over and stuck close to her face, startling her.



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