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Chapter 226 This Is Mine

Xue Fanxin did not know why Ye Jiushangs expression had changed.

He was tense and serious.

She could not tell if he was angry or not.

However, no matter the case, he looked terrifying

Little Lei kept giving Xue Fanxin looks, telling her to ask what was going on.

At the same time, he retreated and planned to escape.

But if he slipped away when the situation was unknown, Master might settle scores with him later.

Wuwuwu, he just wanted to eat roasted rabbit meat.

Who had he provoked

Xue Fanxin was helpless.

Only she could deal with a certain lord, so with all kinds of doubts, she asked in an extremely soft voice, “Ah Jiu, whats wrong Are you feeling unwell or is something making you unhappy”

Could it be that Ah Jiu didnt like her growing vegetables Otherwise, why would his expression suddenly change Ye Jiushang threw away the cup fragment in his hand and took a deep breath.

He tried his best to calm himself down before asking seriously, “Little Xiner, what did you just say You want to plant these vegetables in your personal space” “Yeah! Is there a problem”

“Your portable space can grow things”

“Yeah! Didnt I tell you about this”

It seemed like she had never said that.

She had only told Ah Jiu that the Reverse Spirit Heaven Wheels space could be used at will and had not said that things could be planted in it.

Upon hearing Xue Fanxins affirmative answer, Ye Jiushang became even more agitated.

He asked anxiously, “Can you take out a little dirt from that space for me to see” “Oh.” Although Xue Fanxin was still confused, she obediently followed his instructions.

She grabbed a handful of soil from the Reverse Spirit Heaven Wheel Space and placed it on the stone table.

“Here you go.

Ah Jiu, is there a problem with this soil”

“I have to take a closer look to be sure.” Ye Jiushang carefully studied the soil on the table.

The more he looked, the more excited he became.

In the end, he even laughed and said excitedly, “Little Xiner, youre really my lucky star!”

Xue Fanxin scratched her head, not understanding.


It was just a handful of soil.

How was it related to a lucky star

Little Lei was originally standing far away.

Upon seeing the soil from her space, he inched closer and stared at it.

When he saw the origin of the soil clearly, he was even more excited than Ye Jiushang.

He could not care less and rushed forward to snatch it.

“This is mine.”

Ye Jiushang did not stop Little Lei.

Little Lei immediately stuffed it into his mouth and swallowed it, afraid that it would be snatched away.

Xue Fanxin saw with her own eyes that Little Lei had ingested the soil.

She was shocked and said anxiously, “Why are you so dumb, kid Arent you afraid of getting stuffed eating dirt Quickly spit it out, quickly.”

“No, no, no.

This is mine.

Dont even think about snatching it from me.” Little Lei hurriedly ran away and disappeared without a trace.

“Little Lei, Little Lei…” Xue Fanxin chased after him for a few steps but could not catch up.

Hence, she returned and said to Ye Jiushang, “Ah Jiu, call that child back.

He ate so much dirt.

Its not good for his health.

We have to think of a way to make him spit it out.”

“Its okay.” Ye Jiushang was too excited.

He had to use a lot of effort to calm himself, but his heart was still pounding.

It seemed like that persons Star Divination Technique was indeed powerful.

His decision to come here to look for the Phoenix Star was correct.

Little Xiner, you really are full of surprises!


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