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Chapter 224 A Bunch of Spirit Artifacts

When Xue Fanxin saw these tools for the first time, she had noticed that there was something mixed with the green crystals-a mysterious purple color.

From time to time, that purple color would emit a strange light.

Perhaps the spirituality of this kitchenware and cutlery was so strong because of the purple thing inside.

In the beginning, she had thought that this was a characteristic of the tools refined by a high-level refiner.

But she now realized that purple mithril had been added to them, which was why there was a purple color.

Although she did not know what purple mithril was, she could guess from Little Leis reaction that it must be extraordinary.

Even green crystals were trash in Little Leis eyes.

Then, this purple mithril would definitely be a hundred, thousand times more precious than the green crystal…

Ah Jiu had actually used such a precious item to refine pots and pans for her.

He was really willing to part with it!

“Little Lei, what is purple mithril” Xue Fanxin asked Little Lei.

She knew only he could satisfy her curiosity.


Little Lei picked up a plate and admired it.

“Purple mithril is a rare refining material.

Only when the phenomenon of the Eastern Purple Mist is produced will there be a minute chance of condensing it, and the quantity is small.

The Eastern Purple Mist occurs only once or twice in a thousand years and ten thousand years.

This purple mithril is even more difficult to produce than the phenomenon of the Eastern Purple Mist.

One can imagine how precious it is.

I heard that if you add some purple mithril while refining a tool, theres a high chance of making a divine artifact.

Furthermore, it will possess the purple mist, just like the Jiushang Guqin and the Xue You Flute.”

There were so many pots and pans refined with purple mithril in front of him.

Did this mean that even a chopstick was very likely to be a divine artifact, with purple mist at that

Using purple mithril to refine pots, bowls, ladles, and basins and using them to cook food was truly an unprecedented feat!

However, just the thought of such a magnificent feat made him excited.

He was even more eager to eat with this set of cutlery.

“You mean that these pots and pans might be divine artifacts” Xue Fanxin was shocked.

She looked at Ye Jiushang in confusion, feeling that her brain was short-circuiting.

She could not imagine that the large pile of kitchenware in front of her were divine artifacts…

Using a divine artifact to cook, eat, and drink soup, just the thought of it thrilled her…

“Theres very little purple mithril used, so they can at most be considered spirit artifacts, albeit with a stronger spirituality.

They cant become divine artifacts,” Ye Jiushang said indifferently.

From his calm tone, one could tell that he did not feel any heartache for the purple mithril.

However, even if they were spirit artifacts, it was enough to shock Xue Fanxin.

“You refined a bunch of spirit artifacts for me Ah Jiu, are you loving me or harming me”

She had a bunch of spirit artifacts with her.

If others found out, wouldnt she be pursued all day

“These are all ordinary spirit artifacts.

I cast a secret technique on them.

In the entire world, apart from me, only you can use them.

If anyone forcefully uses them, they will be injured by the secret technique on them.

They will be crippled, or worst, they will lose their lives.

However, for safety reasons, I hid the spirituality of these spirit artifacts.

Ordinary people cant tell that they are spirit artifacts, so you can use them without worry.”

He had thought of this while refining these spirit artifacts.

Hence, he hid their spirituality and made their appearances as ordinary as possible.

Now, in the eyes of outsiders, these spirit tools were only relatively exquisite kitchenware and cutlery, nothing special.


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