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Chapter 221 No Justice

Xue Fanxin had the space of the Reverse Spirit Heaven Wheel, so it was no problem for her to empty the Prime Ministers Estates treasury.

After sweeping the place clean, they returned with a load.

Ye Jiushang asked Xue Fanxin for something from the vault.

It was a special item.

Then, he threw it to Little Lei and ordered, “Take this to the Dukes Estate and hide it under his bed.”

“Why” Little Lei was holding a crystal jade Buddha in his hand.

He could not understand what was on Ye Jiushangs mind.

They had worked hard to take this trash out of the treasure vault, but they were now going to put it in the Duke of Zhongyis Estate.

What were they doing

Xue Fanxin did not know his plans.

However, she did not hesitate and casually handed the requested item to him.

After hearing the mission Ye Jiushang had given Little Lei, she instantly understood.

“Ah Jiu, you want to pin the robbery on the Duke of Zhongyi and let them fight”

“My Little Xiner is indeed smart,” Ye Jiushang said with a mysterious smile.

He had a scheming look on his face like a wily old fox.

Since Su Baifeng felt that he had attacked the Empress and the Duke of Zhongyi for her, he would give her an even greater gift.

“Dont you think that the Empress and the Duke of Zhongyi are not going to target your Prime Ministers Estate when its down Then Ill make them do exactly that.”

When Xue Fanxin saw Ye Jiushang smile so sinisterly, she could already imagine the scene of the Prime Ministers Estate and the Duke of Zhongyis Estate locked in a fight.

Her heart trembled a few times.

Fortunately, she was not Ah Jius enemy, or she would have definitely died miserably.

It seemed that Su Baifengs wishful thinking and self-delusion had really provoked Ah Jiu.

What a pitiful woman! That night, Little Lei did as Ye Jiushang instructed and secretly placed the Crystal Jade Buddha under the Duke of Zhongyis bed before leaving silently.

However, be it the Prime Ministers Estate or the Duke of Zhongyis Estate, they were both busy dealing with their own matters, unaware that a huge conspiracy was waiting for them.

The Prime Ministers Estate was oblivious to the theft of their treasure vault.

Little Lei was very efficient and returned in fifteen minutes.

The moment he came back, he ran straight to Xue Fanxin and asked with a smile, “Girl, now that everything is done, shouldnt you fulfill your promise” “Whats there to eat in the middle of the night Go to sleep obediently.” Xue Fanxin was busy counting her gains and had no time to care about Little Lei.

“Girl, you said that you would treat me to a feast.

You cant go back on your word.”

“I did say that, but I didnt say Id do it right now.

Ill treat you another day.

Its too late.”

Little Lei did not want to give up.

Just as he was about to continue, a cold aura enveloped him.

He was so frightened that he did not dare to say another word and shut up obediently.

Wuwuwu, these two are bad people.

He had worked so hard, yet he was still being bullied.

There was no justice in this world.

Ye Jiushang did not even need to say a word.

He just released his aura and settled Little Lei.

Then, he said to Xue Fanxin, “In two days time, well set off for the Red Maple Forest to search for Tomb Two of the Spacetime Emperor.

You have to be prepared.

Anything can happen, so I hope you can comprehend the Heavenly Spirit Butterfly Dance in these two days.

Your comprehension ability is strong.

Although time is tight, I believe in you.

Once you learn the Heavenly Spirit Butterfly Dance, coupled with the Xue You Sword Art, your strength will increase greatly.

It will be helpful in facing the challenges ahead.”

“Alright, Ill work hard.” Xue Fanxin stopped playing around and threw all the treasures in her space, focusing on more important things.

In two days, she not only had to comprehend the Heavenly Spirit Butterfly Dance, but she also had to prepare many things.

Charging into a tomb, especially the tombs of those powerful beings, was not a simple task.

She had to be fully prepared.


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