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Chapter 208 Looking For The Future

Xue Fanxin sent Fuyun to find a few pots from the kitchen.

She chose a suitable one for Little Lei and had him carve the crystal according to the pot, helping him by the side.

However, despite spending a long time, Little Lei could not carve the pot.

The large crystal was shrinking in size.

Xue Fanxins heart bled when she saw this.

Back in the mineral vein, when she had obtained this crystal bigger than a washbasin, her first thought was to use it as a pot, a unique crystal pot, instead of selling it for money.

The crystals contained the spiritual energy of the world.

Hence, the taste of the food cooked in it should be very special.

However, her large crystal was getting smaller and smaller, but there was no trace of the pot at all.

She felt stifled!

Little Lei took out a purple dagger and carved the so-called pot according to Xue Fanxin, but he could not control his strength.

He was clearly very, very light-handed, but he still cut the crystal into pieces.

In the end, he could not figure it out, so he shrugged and stopped.

“Girl, I really dont know how to make a pot.

Why dont you go and find Master He likes you so much; hell definitely help you.” He dumped the matter to his master and let him figure it out.

Anyway, it was his woman who wanted the pot.

“Ah Jiu is a mighty lord.

Im afraid isnt any better at this than you.” Xue Fanxin no longer had any hope.

It seemed like her crystal hotpot dream would remain a dream.

“Who said that Master doesnt know how to do it Theres no artifact in the world that he cant make.

The Jiushang Guqin and Xue You Flute were both made by Master himself.”

“What did you say Ah Jiu made the Jiushang Guqin and Xue You Flute”

She really could not imagine that a noble person like Ah Jiu would actually know how to make guqins and flutes, and he had done it so well.

Ah Jiu was really omnipotent!

“Of course, he did it himself.

Furthermore, he spent a lot of effort! Master is a powerful refiner.

Most of his refined artifacts have spirituality, and some even had an artifact spirit when they were taken out of the furnace.

Take these crystals to Master and let him help you refine that crystal hot pot.

It must be better than us carving it like this,” Little Lei kept lobbying, urging Xue Fanxin to look for Ye Jiushang.

This way, not only would he be able to eat the so-called crystal hotpot, but he would also not have to provoke his master.

It was killing two birds with one stone!

He realized that he was too smart.

Xue Fanxin was no longer thinking about crystal hotpot.

Her mind was filled with the wordsWeapon Refinement Master.

Her Ah Jiu was a refiner, a powerful refiner.

Although she knew nothing about refining, she felt that refiners were similar to alchemists in that they were both rare occupations.

The higher the level of the refiner or alchemist, the fewer their numbers and the more popular and rich they were…

She and Ah Jiu were alchemists and refiners.

With them working together, wouldnt they be able to roam the world and fill their pockets with riches…

Just the thought of it made her excited!

When Little Lei saw Xue Fanxins strange smile, he felt uneasy.

“Girl, can you not smile so sinisterly”

“Am I smiling sinisterly”

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“You are.”

“You really dont know how to appreciate things.

Thats called looking forward to the future.

Forget it.

What does a little brat like you know Lets go find Ah Jiu.” Xue Fanxin could not wait to ask Ye Jiushangs help.

Just then, Ye Jiushang walked over.

He asked dotingly, “What do you want from me” The moment Xue Fanxin saw Ye Jiushang, she immediately ran up and said to him excitedly, “Ah Jiu, I heard that you know how to refine artifacts Can you help me make a few pots They dont have to be too good.

Just ordinary ones will do, but they have to be made of crystals.”

Little Lei did not dare to rush towards Ye Jiushang like Xue Fanxin.

Rather, he retreated two steps and waited obediently by the side.

Perhaps only this idiot girl dared to be so presumptuous in front of the master.

He really admired her…


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