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Chapter 204 Quite Special

The backyard of the First Restaurant was a picturesque garden.

Only people with noble and special status could enter here.

Because of Gu Jinyuans instructions, the staff of the First Restaurant regarded Xue Fanxin as a person of special status, so they gave her the highest treatment.

When Xue Fanxin found someone to ask about the location of the toilet, the waiter brought her to the garden in the backyard.

After Xue Fanxin came out of the toilet, she actually lost her way.

No matter how hard she searched, she could not find the entrance.

It was difficult to even see a waiter here, so she could only walk around randomly, hoping to meet someone to ask for directions.

As she roamed around, she forgot her original intentions and got charmed by the scenery here.

Hence, she started admiring the scenery.

Soon, she reached a huge lotus pond, where she saw a man in a black brocade robe walking not far away.

The mans eyes were listless as if he did not see the lotus pond in front of him.

He kept walking forward as though seeking death…

In a moment of desperation, Xue Fanxin ran forward and shouted at the man, “Hey, hey, hey, Young Master, dont take things too hard! Living is the most important thing.

Youre not even afraid of death; what are you afraid of”

When the man heard these inexplicable words, he stopped in his tracks and raised his head to look at Xue Fanxin.

Seeing her beautiful face, he could not help but steal a few more glances.

However, it was just that.

No matter how beautiful the person in front of him was, it could not move his heart and soul.

“Do you think… Im seeking death” the man asked coldly.

A sinister aura seemed to emanate from his body as if he were a demon from hell.

Even his gaze was terrifying, his eyes deep red like the flames of hell.

“Ah Youre not seeking death” Xue Fanxin did not show any abnormality because of his eyes.

She only felt that his aura was very strong, comparable to Ye Jiushangs.

Someone with such an aura was definitely not simple.

How could such an extraordinary person seek death

It seemed like she had really misunderstood.

“Im sorry, I thought you were going to commit suicide.

Im sorry.

Do you know how to get back to the front yard I think Im lost.”

When the man saw that Xue Fanxins reaction was so calm and that she still dared to look straight at him, a storm started brewing in his heart.

However, his expression remained stoic.

“Youre not afraid of me”

“Why should I be afraid of you Do I owe you money”


“Do we have any grudges”


“Then its settled.

Theres no grudge or economic dispute.

Why should I be afraid of


The man felt that Xue Fanxins words were a little ridiculous, but seeing how serious she was, she did not seem to be joking.

This girl was not afraid of him

“Do you dare to look me in the eye and speak” the man could not help but ask again.

“Whats wrong with your eyes” Xue Fanxin stared right into the other partys eyes and still did not show any abnormality.

“Dark red eyes.

Theyre quite special, like the color of red wine.

Theyre pretty!”

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“What did you say” the man could no longer control his emotions and shouted agitatedly.

He instantly flashed in front of Xue Fanxin.

Xue Fanxin was shocked by his reaction.

She lost her balance and fell to the ground.

Her butt stabbed into a small rock, and she cried out in pain, “Aiyo, my butt… It hurts, it hurts…”


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