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Chapter 200 The Start of Chaos

The mighty prime minister had been taken away by the Ministry of Justice.

How big of a crime had he committed

“What exactly is going on Why has my father been taken away by the Ministry of Justice” Su Baifengs mind was in a mess, and her heart was in turmoil.

She felt that nothing was going her way recently, especially after she used Draconic Lotus Intoxication on Ye Jiushang…

Could it be that Ye Jiushang was plotting against her behind her back


Ye Jiushang never cared about anything that didnt concern him.

Furthermore, he had already made it clear to her that he would not bring up Draconic Lotus Intoxications matter.

He would treat it as returning her favor.

She knew Ye Jiushang very well.

Since he said that he would not do anything, then he really would not.

“I dont know why the people from the Ministry of Justice took the Prime Minister away.

From their words, it seems like he has committed some serious crime.

Before he was taken away, he asked me to tell the Miss to enter the palace and seek an audience with Consort Su.”

“Huangyi, help me change immediately.

I must enter the palace.” Although Su Baifeng did not know what her father had done, since the people from the Ministry of Justice had taken him away openly, this matter must be very serious.

Only Consort Su in the palace could help them.

However, because of the Draconic Lotus Intoxication, Consort Su was grounded by the Heavenly Saint Emperor for two months.

Su Baifeng wondered if she could help her.

Su Baifeng felt that there was probably not much use in seeking Consort Sus help, but she still had to go to the palace.

However, for some reason, her mind was filled with Ye Jiushangs figure.

If he was willing to lend her a hand, she would be fine even if the sky collapsed.

Unfortunately, that was impossible.

Ever since the incident with Draconic Lotus Intoxication, he refused to see her.

Furthermore, he already had someone he liked…

When she thought of the extremely ugly Xue Fanxin, Su Baifeng was filled with envy, jealousy, and hatred, wishing she could tear her apart.

Just wait.

One day, she would definitely get her wish.

Would she really get her wish, though

Not to mention Xue Fanxin, even Ye Jiushang would not allow it.

Although Ye Jiushang allowed Xue Fanxin to come and go casually, he still sent people to ensure her safety.

Furthermore, he knew everything about her like the back of his hand.

However, he did not interfere in her matters and let her handle them herself.

Only then could she slowly grow up.

If she relied on him for everything, it would be difficult for her to be independent in the future.

“What did you just say The Second Master of the Yi family wanted to take my consort into his tent” Although Ye Jiushangs tone was calm, his body emitted a bone-chilling aura.

The air in the entire room seemed to freeze.

Whoever dared to set their sights on his woman deserved to die.

“Master, I have investigated the matter.

The reason Second Master Yi went to look for the Consort today is that Su Baifeng pushed him.

She wanted to use Second Master Yi to deal with the Consort.”

“What a good move.

This woman still has some intelligence, but its just a little.

It will only make her die faster.

Ruying, hows the mineral vein case progressing” “Reporting to Master, when the Heavenly Saints Emperor discovered that the mineral vein is empty, he got furious and ordered people to lock Su Ze up in the prison of the Ministry of Justice.

He doesnt want to see him.”

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“Very good.

Go and publicize the shady dealings of the Empress.

Do the same with the Duke of Zhongyi.

I want Heavenly Saints City to be as chaotic as possible.

Make them busy.

Ill see if they have the time and energy to cause trouble for my Consort.”

Especially those women.

All of them thought that they could become the Ninth Imperial Consort by pestering him.

They were really naive and stupid.

Little Xiner said that he had to deal with his admirers himself.

He had to be careful!


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