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Chapter 194 Bull** Reason


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Zhuri had been secretly protecting Xue Fanxin.

Unless it was a critical moment or Xue Fanxin had given the order, he would not show himself.

Therefore, he had observed

the whole scene just now.

He also knew that the Second Master of the Yi family had recklessly teased the consort and even wanted to take her as his woman.

If a certain lord found out about this…

He was already certain that even if this Second Master Yi did not die today, he would not have a good life in the future.

A certain lord would not let this Second Master Yi


“If you want, Master, Ill chop off his hands first.”

“No, no, no, that will be too bloody,” Xue Fanxin said, shaking her head.

She was satisfied that Zhuri called her “master.”

At the very least, calling her master would not reveal her identity.

She did not want the people of Heavenly Saints City to know that she was Xue Fanxin so soon.

Hearing their conversation, Second Master Yi was so frightened that he broke out in a cold sweat.

After all, those were the words of a Great Spirit Master.

Later, though, he

heaved a sigh of relief, thinking to himself, J am the Second Master of the Yi family and have a high status.

No matter how powerful the other party is, he wont dare to really

do anything to me.

Although he could not bear to give up on this little beauty, she had the protection of a Great Spirit Master.

He had to know when to step back.

After all, his life was more


“Today was just a misunderstanding, a misunderstanding.

I was passing by.

Its okay now.

Ill leave immediately.

Ill leave immediately,” Second Master Yi said with a dry


He really wanted to leave with his people.

However, when he took a step forward, the Night Shadow Guards blocked his path, not letting him leave.

“Second Master Yi, leaving before the matter is resolved doesnt seem too good, right” Xue Fanxin sneered.

“Little girl, I didnt do anything to you.

Why must you be so aggressive” Second Young Master Yi wanted to cry but had no tears.

From time to time, he would glance at

Zhuri, afraid that he would suddenly attack.

With a Great Spirit Master presiding over the matter, not to mention him, even if the Yi familys head came, he would not dare to do anything rash.

They really could not afford to offend a Great Spirit Master!

“Aggressive If it were an ordinary woman today, what would her outcome be Would you have let her off Of course not.

Descendants of the four great families like you

usually like to bully the weak and fear the strong.

The commoners of Heavenly Saints City have been persecuted by you for too long.” Xue Fanxin questioned Second Master

Yi indignantly.

Then, she went to scold Elder Mo of the Xue family.

“And you.

You said that I was ruthless the moment you came and that I was a demoness.

You even

wanted to uphold justice for the heavens and take me in.

How shameless of you to say such things.”

“Arent you ruthless for beating up someone from my Xue family like this” Uncle Mo tried to find something to retort.

Even if the other party had the protection of a Great Spirit Master, their Xue family was not easy to deal with.

The Xue family was the hegemon of Heavenly Saints City.

Offending them might not end well.

“Then why didnt you ask me the reason Its only natural for your Xue family to beat people up, but others who lay a hand on them are labeled ruthless.

What kind of

bullsh*t logic is that” Xue Fanxin snapped back.

“Whatever the reason is, you shouldnt have done this.

My Xue family is one of the four great families of Heavenly Saints City.

How can we be compared to those lowly


“One of the four great families, the four great families of Heavenly Saints City.

I bumped into three today.

The Lian family fled earlier, and now your Xue and Yi families have

come knocking on my door… | think Im destined to fight with you four great families!”

“What… What did you say” When Uncle Mo found out that the Lian family had already come to cause trouble for Xue Fanxin and had even fled, he was shocked.

The Lian family had always been ranked high among the four great families.

They specialized in alchemy and had astonishing wealth.

Furthermore, they had the backing of

the Blue Sea Villa… If the Lian family could not deal with this little girl, then their Xue family…

Just as Uncle Mo was analyzing the pros and cons, Xue Fanxin suddenly ordered, “Beat him up.

Theres no need to use spirit energy.

Just punches and kicks will do.


them a lesson, especially those people from the Xue family and that dogsh*t Elder Mo.”

Following Xue Fanxins orders, the five Night Shadow Guards, including Zhuri, started beating them black and blue..

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