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Chapter 191 A Ruthless Beating


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Only now did the two


.¢ Xue Fanxins face clearly.

She was just too beautiful, ten times prettier than them, making her look like a fairy from a painting.

Her appearance!

shocked them, and they suddenly remembered something.

It was said that a few days ago, at the Heavenly Treasure Trading Company, the Lian familys Lian Bingmeng had offended a woman who was even more beautiful than the number one beauty of Heavenly Saints City, Su Baifeng.

Moreover, that woman had an extraordinary relationship with Gu Jinyuan.

Many people guessed that

her background must not be simple.

Could it be that the woman who was so beautiful in front of her was that person from the Heavenly Tr

ure Trading Company that day

If it was really her, then things would be a little troublesome.

Offending someone under Gu Jinyuans protection was not a small matter.

Xue Fanxin had no idea what the sisters were thinking.

At this moment, she only wanted to give them a good beating.

‘The Xue You Sword had already appeared in her hand.

Pointing it at them, she said coldly, “I wont be satisfied if I dont beat you up today.”

“You are Fanjiu” Although Xue Qingluan used a questioning tone, she could already confirm the other partys identity.

“So what if | am Ive long been displeased with your Xue family.

Look at your pretentious and revolting appearances.

How disgusting.” Xue Fanxin did not waste her breath on them.

Using the Xue You Sword Art, she condensed a chill and charged forward.

She defeated them with a simple move.

Was this the level of so-called talented descendants of an aristocratic family

Werent they too weak They couldnt even take one move from her.

“How… how is this possible” Xue Qingluan looked at the person in front of her in disbelief.

She had never expected that the two of them would not even be able to receive a single blow from the other party when they joined fore

a major tier higher than the other party.


That was a move from the Spirit Building Realm, yet they were both in the Spirit Refining Realm,

cer, Im so cold!” Xue Qinglan was injured by the sword aura Xue Fanxin had unleashed.

Her entire body was frozen, and she was trembling from the cold.

‘That sword aura was just too cold, freezing their meridians and making them unable to circulate their cultivation technique.

Hence, they lost all their combat strength.

They were unable to even re

‘ve a single strike.

However, such cold air was not something that ordinary people could casually release.

‘This was enough to prove that the person they had provoked was anything but ordinary.

After defeating the Xue sisters, Xue Fanxin put away her Xue You Sword.

She exercised her wrists and ankles and walked towards them with a sinister smile.

“Do you think this is the end Then youre too naive.

The real show has just begun.”

Xue Fanxin began punching and kicking the Xue sisters.

She beat them up ruthlessly with her bare hands, particularly aiming for their faces.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Every punch and kick landed on the Xue sisters, producing crisp sounds.

‘The scene spooked the surrounding people.


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What ruthless punches and ki

Such a beautiful girl w:

ctually so mercil

ina fight.

She was toc

wage, too violent… it was too exciting.

Look at that pair of sisters from the Xue family, their faces were like flowers and jade.

They were probably going to be beaten into a pigs face… But why did they feel so happy

“Ah… Go away, go away.”

“Wuwuwu… Stop hitting me, stop hitting me.”

Xue Qingluan and Xue Qinglan were beaten up until they turned docil


They cried out for mercy and rolled on the ground screaming without any dignity.

Their clothes were messy, and they were in a sorry state.

“Il beat you heartle:

scums to death.

Is being born into a prestigious family a big deal Does that mean you can disregard other peoples lives I want to see how valuable your lives are.”

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Xue Fanxin was getting more pleased a

e fought, venting all her dissatisfaction with the Xue family.

While she w

ngrossed in the feeling, a voice sounded with a powerful suppr



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