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Chapter 187: Satisfying Fight

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Only now did Lian Bingmeng react.

She knew that she had been tricked and humiliated by Xue Fanxin and got even angrier.

Her expression was incomparably ugly as she glared at the person in front of her, roaring, “Fanjiu, you will soon pay the price in blood for what you have done.

Attack! Kill her for


The eight people behind her immediately moved.

Xue Fanxin had long been looking forward to this.

Once the order was given, she summoned her Xue You Sword.

With a blue crystal sword in her hand, she began to fight.

Fuyun wanted to join the fight, but she was stopped by Xue Fanxin.

“Let me do it.

If I cant beat them, you can help out.”

Fuyun stopped in her tracks and did not take action.

Instead, she watched from the side, prepared to take action at any moment.

Although the consort did not let her fight, she would definitely be punished if the consort got injured.

However, since the consort could defeat her, this battle would not be difficult for her.

At the very least, she could protect herself.

When Lian Bingmeng saw Xue Fanxin take out an extraordinary sword, her eyes turned red.

Her heart was filled with desire for that sword.

She had never seen such a beautiful sword.

Once she killed her, the sword would be hers.

Xue Fanxin was currently concentrating on the fight.

She used her Xue You Sword Art to fight eight people.

Despite being outnumbered, she did not lose, though she did not gain any advantage either.

However, not much time had passed since the fight started.

Although they were still in a stalemate, in another fifteen minutes, the advantageous party would appear.

Her cultivation level was not high, and her stamina was insufficient.

She could not last long.

If not for the Ninth Imperial Uncle taking her to the Spirit Origin Mountain Range to climb mountains and exercise her body, her physique would have been even worse.

Hence, high cultivation levels did not mean that they were powerful.

If ones physique could not keep up, they were still useless.

Many cultivators only paid attention to the level of their cultivation, not caring much about their bodies.

Furthermore, cultivating their bodies was an extremely bitter and tiring thing.

Not many had the patience to do that.

Therefore, most of the disciples of the large families only had cultivation levels

with weak bodies, especially those who relied on medicinal pills.

They were pleasing to the eye but useless.

This battle made Xue Fanxin realize the importance of her physique, and it also let her know that in her current state, she did not have much juice left in her.

She had to finish this quickly.

“Twontt play with you anymore.” Xue Fanxin gathered all her strength and summoned three illusionary swords that were identical to the Xue You Sword.

The illusionary swords flew around the eight people before releasing extremely cold air.

It froze the eight people until their entire bodies were stiff and they could not move.

Trembling and shivering, they lost their combat strength.

Xue Fanxin was exhausted.

She was struggling to stand and panting for air.

If not for her strong willpower, she would definitely have collapsed to the ground.

This battle was really satisfying.

Before she knew it, she had already become so powerful.

She could fight eight Spirit Refining Realm cultivators solo.

Fuyun knew that Xue Fanxins combat ability was above her cultivation level, but she had never expected it to be so much stronger.

Even she would find it challenging to solo eight people in the Spirit Refinement Realm.

The consort was truly extraordinary.

Seeing Xue Fanxin use her Spirit Building Realm cultivation to monopolize eight Spirit Refining Realm cultivators and even win in the end, Lian Bingmeng was in disbelief.

She seemed as if she were looking at a monster.

The Spirit Refining Realm was a tier higher than the Spirit Building Realm.

It would not be strange if a Spirit Refining Realm cultivator had defeated eight people in the Spirit Building Realm.

However, for a person in the Spirit Building Realm to defeat eight people in the Spirit Refinement Realm, this kind of impossible thing had really happened in front of her, making her have no choice but to believe it..


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