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Chapter 183: Just Talking

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Xue Fanxin had used too much strength in her last strike.

Seeing her almost get injured, she was frightened.

She quickly ran over and helped Fuyun up.

“Fuyun, are you okay I didnt do it on purpose.

I didnt know that the power of that sword would be so great.

Are you hurt Why dont I help you take a look My medical skills are quite good.”

“Tm fine.

Im not injured.

Your Highnesss sword skills are superb.

Im indeed no match for you.” Fuyun sounded a little disappointed.

Clearly, she had suffered a considerable blow from her defeat in that battle just now.

She had worked hard at cultivation day and night, but in the end, she was still so useless.

No wonder she was ranked last among the Night Shadow Guards.

If not for a coincidence, she would probably have continued to receive training in the Night Shadow Camp and would not have had the chance to go

on missions.

Compared to the other Night Shadow Guards, she was really, really weak.

Such a useless Night Shadow Guard would be given up sooner or later.

Xue Fanxin sensed that something was wrong with Fuyuns emotions.

She knew her confidence was low, so she comforted her.

“Fuyun, actually, your strength is above mine.

The reason I won is because of the sword in my hand.

This is not an ordinary weapon.”

The truth was indeed so.

If she had used an ordinary sword, she would definitely not be Fuyuns match, Perhaps she would not even be able to receive three moves from Fuyun.

However, Fuyun did not feel good about Xue Fanxins comfort.

She was still dispirited from her defeat.

Xue Fanxin thought of some television dramas and novels she had read in the past.

Recalling the paragraphs, she said, “Victory and defeat are common on the path of cultivation.

Being too calculative about ones success or failure is not the state of mind a powerful person should have.

A true expert will

find their own shortcomings in every failure and then improve upon them and continue to work hard.

Only then can their cultivation level reach a higher realm.

There are always drawbacks to being undefeated.

If someone never loses, they wont know where their shortcomings are.

Moreover, it can also

breed self-righteousness that one shouldnt have.

The result might not be good.”

Alright, these nice words were all borrowed from others.

She hoped they would be of some use to Fuyun.

Being defeated by someone whose cultivation level was so much lower than hers was indeed quite a blow.

Xue Fanxinsborrowed words gave Fuyun a wake-up call.

She came to a realization and no longer cared about her defeat.

Standing up, she looked at Xue Fanxin gratefully.

“Consort, thank you.

If not for your words today, Im afraid I would have stopped here.”

The mental state of a cultivator was extremely important.

Once it was not strong enough, it was very easy to produce inner demons, greatly influencing ones cultivation.

It might even make a cultivators cultivation level stagnate forever.

Fuyun still had bursts of fear in her heart.

If it was anyone else today, they definitely wouldnt care about her state of mind, let alone comfort her and help her.

She really had to thank the consort.

Otherwise, she wouldnt have known that her heart was so weak that she couldnt even look at the outcome of a battle.

“Thank you for your guidance, Consort.”

“Er… No, no.

I was just saying it casually.

Haha,” Xue Fanxin said awkwardly.

At this moment, the butler of the Lords Estate came to report.

“Consort, there are two people outside who claim to be your elder sisters who want to see you.

I wonder if you want to see them”

“My sisters Since when did I have sisters”

“I think they look a little familiar.

They should be from the Xue family.”



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