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Chapter 166: She Needed a Minute

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Because of Ye Jiushangs gugin, there was quite a stir in the Red Maple Forest.

Many living beings approached it just to hear the beautiful melody.

Unfortunately, before they could have their fill, the music stopped.

Ye Jiushang only played the zither for seven minutes.

Seeing that the cute girl beside him was still immersed in his music, he gently flicked her forehead and said with a teasing tone, “Silly girl, return your soul to your body.”

“Ah Youre done” Xue Fanxin had been so immersed in the beautiful gugin notes that she seemed to have entered a different realm, Her entire body was floating as if she had comprehended something.

She seemed to have heard a strange sound, and her mind was filled with notes.

“You can enter the state of epiphany just like that.

Your comprehension ability is extremely high since you gained epiphany at the Spirit Awakening Realm.

Little Xiner, you are the first person I have seen who has had an epiphany so early.

You have the highest comprehension ability.” Ye Jiushang had not

expected Xue Fanxins comprehension ability to be so high; he was shocked.

Once Little Xiner grew up, she would be a terrifyingly powerful person.

Just now, he had only used the power of sound to play an ordinary song.

He only wanted to pass the time, but he discovered something unexpected.

Xue Fanxin was still in a daze.

Her head was buzzing with all kinds of mysterious notes.

She could not digest them all in that short period, making her feel dizzy.

She felt uncomfortable and took a lot of effort to recover.

“Ah Jiu, why are there so many messy notes in my head”


“Thats your comprehension of the Dao of Music.

Theres no need to be anxious.

Take it slow.

Try to relax now.

With your Spirit Awakening cultivation, you wont be able to digest those things for the time being.

Therefore, Ill put them in your head, and you can think about them slowly in the future.”

“Alright, Tl listen to you.” Xue Fanxin did not think about the musical notes in her mind anymore.

She set them aside and adjusted her condition.

Soon, she felt much more comfortable.

At this moment, a purple light descended from the sky and turned into a person after landing,

Little Lei appeared in such a flashy manner and even deliberately put on a cool and awe-inspiring pose.

“Ive already finished opening the mine.

In the future, dont come and look for me to do such small things.”

“It is your honor to be able to do things for me.

Stop talking nonsense and do what you have to do,” Ye Jiushang said indifferently.

It seemed like apart from Xue Fanxin, he had the same attitude towards everyone.

His indifference was at least better than his coldness.

Little Lei did not dare to disobey Ye Jiushangs orders.

Although his face was filled with anger, he still did as he was told.

He cast a spell and brought Ye Jiushang and Xue Fanxin away, along with an abnormally obedient Mystic Crystal White Tiger.

Ever since it came out, the Mystic Crystal White Tiger had been nestling in Xue Fanxins arms.

It did not move at all.

It was so meek and obedient that it almost made people forget about its existence.

Xue Fanxin did not notice the abnormality of the Mystic Crystal White Tiger.

After coming out today, she had been in various states, She had not been able to care about the Mystic Crystal White Tiger.

Just as before, when Little Lei cast his spell, they were transported to another place.

It was a cave filled with green crystals.

The spiritual energy in the cave was extremely rich, and it even emitted an exquisite green light.

“Ah Jiu, where is this”

“The mineral vein,” Ye Jiushang said indifferently.

“What did you say” Xue Fanxin was shocked.

How had they come to the mineral vein directly

There were too many things that she found unbelievable today.

She had to take it slow..

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