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Chapter 162: Ridiculous Reason


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Xue Fanxin had basically figured out Ye Jiushang and Su Baifengs relationship.

“Ah Jiu, why do you always sleep Are you injured or sick Do you want me to help you take a look” Regardless of whether it was the Ghost King or Su Baifeng, Xue Fanxin still cared about Ye Jiushang the most.

Before Ye Jiushang could respond, she had already started examining his body.

“Theres nothing wrong with your body!”

“This is a problem with the cultivation technique I am practicing, not my body.

Every time I advance a level, I will have to sleep for a period.

Draconic Lotus Intoxication is a counter to my cultivation technique.

I cant touch it at all, or I will suffer a backlash.

You dont understand what Im saying now, but Il

tell you in the future.” Ye Jiushang rubbed Xue Fanxins head because he was happy about her care and concern.

This at least proved that he was quite important to Little Xiner.

“Forget it, forget it.

Its too deep a matter.

I wont understand even if you tell me now.

By the way, I accidentally found out a huge secret today.

There is a mineral vein in the Red Maple Forest.

It is said that it was discovered by the people from the Prime Ministers Estate, but Prime Minister Su didnt report it.

Hes planning to privately mine it.” Compared to those deep and incomprehensible things, Xue Fanxin was more interested in the mineral vein in the Red Maple Forest.

Mineral mine! That was a symbol of wealth! It represented money!

What she lacked the most now was money, money, money.

“What Youre interested in that mineral vein” Ye Jiushang said indifferently.

His tone was filled with disdain for the mineral vein.

Clearly, the discovery in the Red Maple Forest was not worthy of his attention.

“Lam interested, but I dont have the ability! Even the huge Prime Ministers estate needs partners to mine it, let alone a little girl like me who has nothing.

However, even if I cant obtain it, I cant let my enemy take advantage of me.

Su Baifeng has already been classified as an enemy by me, so I definitely

wont let her mine so smoothly.

Even if I have to tell the public that the Red Maple Forest has a mineral vein, I wont let her one-up me.”

“Gu Jinyuan has already alerted the enemy.

The Prime Ministers Estate will not privately mine this mineral vein.”

“ah Why”

“The Prime Ministers Estate has always thought that they had kept the matter under wraps.

Only a few people in their estate know, but who wouldve thought that Gu Jinyuan already knew”

A secret known to a third person would no longer be a secret.

Since Gu Jinyuan knew that there was a mineral vein in the Red Maple Forest, others naturally also knew.

This secret could not be hidden.

If the Prime Ministers Estate still wanted to privately mine the mineral vein, they would have to face the wrath of the Heavenly Saints Emperor.

“Because Consort Su had revealed the secret of the Draconic Lotus Intoxication, she has already lost the emperors trust.

If the Prime Ministers Estate does anything to anger the Heavenly Saints Emperor at this time, they will undoubtedly be courting death.

If Im not wrong, Prime Minister Su will soon

report the discovery of the mineral vein.”

“You mean that because of Gu Jinyuans words, the Prime Ministers Estate dodged a calamity”

“Thats why I said that Gu Jinyuan has alerted the enemy.

Initially, the matter about the Red Maple Forest Mine could have made the Prime Ministers Estate suffer, but because he told them, they turned the situation around.” Ye Jiushang did not forget to insult Gu Jinyuan in front of Xue Fanxin.

Poor Mr.


He had been schemed against by a certain two-faced fox and did not even have a chance to explain himself.

Xue Fanxin felt that Ye Jiushang made sense.

Thinking about it carefully, Gu Jinyuans words today had indeed alerted the enemy.

“Ah Jiu, the mineral vein of the Red Maple Forest will belong to the royal family in the end, right”

“You want it* Ye Jiushang asked indifferently.

Xue Fanxin nodded heavily and replied, “Yes.”

Those who had money and did not want it were definitely idiots..


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