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Chapter 160: What Mistake Did You Make


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Ye Jiushang was like a god of death sitting in Xue Fanxins room.

He stared at the person who had pushed the door open.

The more happy the other party was, the uglier his expression became.

Xue Fanxin sensed that something was wrong and immediately calmed down.

Smiling widely, she walked in.

When she reached Ye Jiushang, she beamed even more brightly and said in a pleasing tone,Oh my, who made our Ah Jiu unhappy!”

Ye Jiushang originally wanted to continue keeping a straight face and scold her a little.

Unexpectedly, her words made him lose his composure.

He didnt know whether to laugh or cry.

He couldnt get angry even if he wanted to, but he was really unhappy.

This little girl had the ability to tug at his heartstrings, affect his mood, and change his mindset.

“Come, tell me what mistake you made today.” Ye Jiushang pulled Xue Fanxin into his embrace and made her sit on his lap.

Smelling her fragrance improved his mood.

Xue Fanxin was familiar with Ye Jiushangs embrace, so she did not reject his intimate moves.

She found a comfortable spot and thought seriously about what she had done wrong today.

Had she done anything wrong today

No, right

She had only gotten herself into trouble twice.

Could it be because of that

Xue Fanxin was a little confused, but Ye Jiushang seemed to be in a rage.

Even if she did not think that she had done anything wrong today, she had to admit her mistake.

“Ah Jiu, I was wrong.

I shouldnt have provoked the Lian family and Su Baifeng, But you cant blame me for everything that happened


They were the ones who came to look for me first.”

Not obtaining the answer he wanted, Ye Jiushang turned Xue Fanxin over and gently patted her bottom a couple of times.

“You dont even know what mistake you made.

You should be beaten.”

Although it did not hurt getting spanked twice, Xue Fanxin was extremely depressed.

This even more ambiguous position made her face completely red.

Although she had lived two lifetimes, dated a scumbag in the past, and even been betrayed and died together with him, she never had intimate contact with a man.

She was still inexperienced in such matters.

However, the feeling of being intimate with Ah Jiu was not bad.

At least she did not hate it.

“Alright, Ah Jiu, just do me a favor and tell me what I did wrong.

Ill change immediately, okay”

Ye Jiushang sighed helplessly.

He gently straightened the person in his arms and made her sit on his lap again.

He faced her and looked at her beautiful face carefully.

When he thought about how the first person to see her after she became beautiful was not him, he felt unhappy.

“You were wrong to not let me sce your devastatingly beautiful face first.”

This damned girl had actually gone to see another man after treating her sores.

She even dined and chatted happily with him.

How could he not be angry

“Is that what youre angry about” Xue Fanxin was even more speechless.

Indeed, she couldnt understand Ah Jiu with common sense, or she would never have guessed his thoughts.

Just because she had become beautiful and he had not seen her first, he got so angry.

Was that really necessary

“Little Xin‘er, remember this.

No matter when, I want to be the first to know everything about you.

No matter when or where, I want to be the first thing in your heart.

I want to be the first to share your beauty and happiness with you.

Just like this time, you were so happy.

Shouldnt you share your happiness

with me first”

Gu Jinyuan had benefited this time.

Next time, though, he would definitely not let anyone off lightly.

Someone had already had designs on Little Xiner when her face was full of scars.

Now that she had become beautiful, he had to protect her better, lest she was snatched away..

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