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Chapter 158: No Future

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Su Baifeng was so vexed by Gu Jinyuans threat that she gritted her teeth and wished she could tear him apart.

However, she did not dare to directly fall out with the Young Master of the Heavenly Treasure Trading Company.

She had no choice but to suppress the anger in her heart and force herself to

speak softly.

“You live up to your reputation, Young Master Gu.

Im very impressed.

I hope you can forgive me for my actions just now.

Your friend should not be from Heavenly Saints City.

I hope you can ask her to keep her mouth shut about what happened today to avoid trouble.”

“Theres no need for you to worry about her.

If theres nothing else, Miss Su, please leave.

Dont disturb my friends meal.” This was the second time Gu Jinyuan had ordered Su Baifeng to leave, and his tolerance for her was about to reach its limit.

Everyone could tell that if Su Baifeng still did not leave, Gu

Jinyuan was very likely to use forceful means to throw her out.

Yet Su Baifeng did not leave because she had not achieved her goal.

Her purpose in coming this time was to compete with this girl.

However, from the beginning to the end, the other party was focused on eating, not even greeting her.

This displeased her and made her feel like she was being slighted.

Those who dared to look down on her, Su Baifeng, had to pay the price.

“This little girl is really as beautiful as a fairy.

Unfortunately, her strength is too weak, not even at the peak of the Spirit Awakening Realm.

With such a cultivation level and a beautiful face, she will be in big trouble.”

“Are you talking about me” Xue Fanxin finally turned her attention from the delicious food to Su Baifeng, She smiled slightly and said, “Whether Ill be in big trouble or not is a matter of the future.

But if you dont get lost now, Miss Su, there will be big trouble for you.”

When Su Baifeng heard Xue Fanxins words, her expression changed.

She never expected that a little girl who had only reached the Spirit Awakening Realm would dare to speak to her like this, not even giving her any face.

Damn it.

She, Su Baifeng, was a proud daughter of heaven.

No matter where she went, she was always praised by others.

When did lowly girls start not taking her seriously

Xue Fanxin had only said that casually.

Seeing Su Baifengs face pale with anger, she was speechless.

She simply ignored her and continued to eat her delicious food.

Awoman who was extremely vain could not even bear a few sarcastic words.

She always thought highly of herself and placed herself first.

Such a person had no future.

She would ruthlessly crush Su Baifeng under her feet, but not now.

In the future, she would definitely make this woman who wanted to kill her pay a heavy price.

“Miss Su, please dont reveal such obvious killing intent in front of me, or I wont be polite anymore.” Gu Jinyuan had already noticed Su Baifengs killing intent towards Xue Fanxin, so was on guard.

Only then did Su Baifeng realize how much composure she had lost her.

She quickly adjusted her emotions.

No matter how angry she was or how much she hated and wanted to kill, she had to try her best to hide it.

She regained her generous facade and said gently, “Since Young Master Gu is entertaining

friends, then I wont disturb you anymore.


“Twont send you off,” Gu Jinyuan said coldly.

From his tone, he looked like he couldnt wait for Su Baifeng to get out of his sight.

Su Baifeng was triggered again.

When she turned around, her face revealed a ferocious expression.

Anyone who saw that intense anger and hatred would find it terrifying.

She was usually very calm.

No matter what happened, she could maintain her composure and would never lose her cool in front of others.

But today, in front of Gu Jinyuan, she had actually lost her calm more than once and even revealed killing intent.

What was going on

‘The more Su Baifeng thought about it, the more she could not understand.

Especially when she thought of Xue Fanxins casual attitude, she was even more enraged.

Her expression would not change even if a mountain collapsed in front of her… This was a skill that she had reached through years of hard work.

Today, she had actually been defeated.

Fanjiu, just you wait.

I, Su Baifeng, will not let you ride on my head..


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