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Chapter 153: Overbearing Reason

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Lian Bingyu and Ye Chenping entered the Ten Thousand Medicines Pavilion with Lian Fangcheng, but the two of them didnt dare to speak carelessly.

They just stood there silently.

After reprimanding Lian Bingmeng, Lian Fangcheng apologized to Gu Jinyuan.

“Young Master Gu, Im really sorry.

My younger sister has been spoiled since she was young and doesnt know her place.

I hope you can be magnanimous and not argue with her.”

“Big Brother, what did you say He… he is the Young Master of the Heavenly Treasure Trading Company” Only now did Lian Bingmeng realize Gu Jinyuans identity.

Recalling her harsh words, she wished she could find a hole to hide in.

No, she couldnt leave Young Master Gu with a bad impression of her.

She had to turn the situation around.

While thinking of a way, Lian Bingmeng noticed Xue Fanxin standing by the side.

She decided to pin all the blame on Xue Fanxin.

“Big Brother, I didnt mean to cause trouble in the Heavenly Treasure Trading Company.

It was all that womans fault.

She was the one who scammed me first and sold the Star

Spirit Grass for 10,000 spirit coins per stalk.

I got angry and started arguing with her.

“Young Master Gu, I am indeed in the wrong today, but there is a reason.

If not for this girl deliberately scamming me, I wouldnt have been so angry that I would cause trouble in the Heavenly Treasure Trading Company.

The Star Spirit Grass is an ordinary herb, at most 500 spirit coins per stalk.

But this

girl wants to sell it for 10,000 spirit coins.

Cant such behavior be considered causing trouble in the Heavenly Treasure Trading Company”

It had to be said that Lian Bingmeng had started using her brain for once.

She knew how to push all the blame onto others.

Moreover, every word she said was reasonable.

Manager Wan panicked and quickly explained, “Young Master, before Young Miss Lian came, this girl had already bought all of the Star Spirit Grass in the store.

Since the Star Spirit Grass belongs to her, what price she wants to sell it for is her freedom.

It cant be considered as causing trouble, so I hope

you can take everything into account.

If Miss Lian thinks its too expensive, then she can just not buy it.

Moreover, this girl said that if Miss Lian can disregard the rules of the Heavenly Treasure Trading Company, she is willing to hand over the Star Spirit Grass with both hands and not take a single cent.”

Manager Wan was clearly on Xue Fanxins side, He had to speak for her even if he had to take the risk.

Lian Bingmeng was so angry that she gnashed her teeth.

However, she had no choice but to force herself to speak calmly, “Young Master Gu, even if this girl bought all the Star Spirit Grass, she is still at the Heavenly Treasure Trading Company.

Is there no rule against such extortion”

Lian Fangcheng was quite satisfied with Lian Bingmengs later performance, so he did not say anything and waited for Gu Jinyuans decision.

They had the reason with them now.

If Gu Jinyuan still wanted to make things difficult for their Lian family, then their Lian family had enough reason to make a fuss with the Heavenly Treasure Trading Company.

Xue Fanxins impression of Manager Wan was improving, Seeing that he was a little nervous, she gently patted his shoulder to reassure him.

Then, she stepped forward and faced Lian Bingmeng.

She asked self-righteously, “Does the Heavenly Treasure Trading Company have clear rules that we cant buy

and sell items at a high price I can sell my things at whatever price I want.

You can choose not to buy them.

Just because you cant afford them, youre saying that Im extorting you Ha… the Lian family is really domineering.”

Originally, Lian Bingmeng was on the side of reason, but Xue Fanxin overthrew her reasoning with just a few words.

“You… dont spout nonsense.

You were the one who extorted me first…” Lian Bingmeng argued with Xue Fanxin, But halfway through, she didnt know what to say.

The other party had offered a price for this deal.

It was up to her to decide if she was willing to buy it or not.

If she wasnt, she turned around and said that others were extorting her.

This didnt make sense no matter what.

Lian Fangcheng did not expect his younger sister to be defeated by the other party with just a few words.

He had no choice but to take action and deal with Gu Jinyuan.

“Young Master Gu, what do you think we should do with todays matter My younger sister is indeed in the wrong, but this girl is clearly

targeting my Lian family.

I wonder if Young Master Gu can give the Lian family face and let us handle this matter ourselves.”

“Young Master Lian should be very clear about the truth of this matter.

This young lady is a customer of my Ten Thousand Medicines Pavilion.

She has yet to leave the Ten Thousand Medicines Pavilion.

What do you think I should do” Gu Jinyuan asked in return, very dissatisfied with the Lian familys


They were causing trouble in his Heavenly Treasure Trading Company and even wanted him to hand over his customers.

If he really did so, wouldnt it damage the reputation of the Heavenly Treasure Trading Company

He did not care about the small Lian family..


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