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Chapter 147: A Treasure

Translator: Heryee Translations

Editor: Henyee Translations

Xue Fanxin did not care about the story behind the Nine Revolutions Burning Yang Furnace.

At this moment, she was focused on refining pills, cautiously following every instruction to a tee.

After six hours of hard work, she finally succeeded.

She successfully refined medicinal pills on her first attempt and even made three pills in one try.

Although she did not know if this was considered a good result by others, she was quite satisfied.

Looking at the three round and plump white pills in her hand, Xue Fanxin was overjoyed.

She shouted happily, “Haha.

I succeeded! Yay, yay..”

“My dear little furnace, youre amazing, Come, Ill give you a kiss..”Xue Fan was overjoyed.

She kissed the Nine Revolutions Burning Yang Furnace a few times before her emotions calmed down slightly.

She then turned her attention to the pills in her hand and studied them properly.

With her current level, she could at most refine a Rank One medicinal pill.

In other words, the three Beauty Pills in her hand were all of Rank One.

As the lowest-level medicinal pills, she wondered how good their effects would be.

“Anyway, its a beautifying pill.

Even if the effects are not good, eating it wont hurt my body.

Lets give it a try.” Xue Fanxin threw one of the pills in her mouth and sat in front of the dressing table.

She stared at her reflection in the mirror intently, hoping to see a miracle happen with her own eyes.

However, after looking for a long time, she did not notice any changes.

The pimples on her face were still there as if the Beauty Pills had no effect at all.

This made her feel defeated.

She leaned on the dressing table weakly.

Perhaps because she was too tired from concocting pills, she fell asleep in a short while.

After Xue Fanxin fell asleep, the Nine Revolutions Burning Yang Furnace placed in her room suddenly moved by itself.

It floated into the air and spun around.

At the same time, its body became smaller and smaller before finally turning into a palm-sized pill furnace.

It jumped onto the dressing table and gently touched Xue Fanxins face as if it was kissing her.

Failing to wake her up with a kiss, the Nine Revolutions Burning Yang Furnace continued to kiss her like a naughty child.

“Dont disturb me from eating roasted chicken.” Xue Fanxin was having a beautiful dream and got annoyed.

She waved her hand casually, but it unexpectedly hit the alchemy furnace.

The sudden pain woke her up.

She opened her eyes in a daze and vaguely saw a small pill furnace swaying and bouncing in front of her eyes.

This scene made her feel very strange.

“Why is there a furnace jumping around

“Am I still dreaming” The Nine Revolutions Burning Yang Furnace was excited to see Xue Fanxin waking up.

It jumped even more in front of her.

After bouncing a few times, it leaned towards her face and kissed her hard.

Xue Fanxin had completely woken up by now.

She stared with wide eyes at the jumping pill furnace in front of her.

The more she looked at it, the more familiar it seemed.

She finally connected the dots and was extremely shocked.

“Turning her head to look, she realized that the Nine Revolutions Burning Yang Furnace in the room had disappeared.

As for the bouncing little pill furnace, it was a mini replica of the Nine Revolutions Burning Yang Furnace.

“You… you cant be the Nine Revolutions Burning Yang Furnace, right

“The Nine Revolutions Burning Yang Furnace jumped around as if it was answering Xue Fanxins question: Yes, yes, I am the Nine Revolutions Burning Yang Furnace.

Xue Fanxin did not know what was going on either.

She could actually understand what the Nine Revolutions Burning Yang Furnace meant.

Hence, she reached out and opened her palm, letting the Nine Revolutions Burning Yang Furnace jump on it.

“A pill cultivating furnace that can change its size.

It looks like youre really a treasure.

Since you are a treasure, why is the medicinal pill you refined ineffective

When the Nine Revolutions Burning Yang Furnace heard Xue Fanxins words, it flew up and circled the dressing table.

Xue Fanxin looked over and happened to see herself in the mirror.

She was instantly stunned.

“Is this me”


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