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No matter what was going on outside, Xue Fanxin did not take it to heart.

She slept soundly in the Ninth Lords Estate and even lazed around in bed after waking up, wondering what to do next.

She could not count on Ah Jiu for everything.

In fact, she should avoid his help as much as possible.

It was best to rely on herself for everything.

Although Ah Jiu treated her quite well, human hearts were the most unpredictable.

Jiang Donghai and Pei Xiangxiangs betrayal made her wary of everyone.

Furthermore, Ah Jiu clearly had another motive for getting close to her.

She could not rely on such people completely.

Xue Fanxin lay on the bed and closed her eyes.

With a thought, she arrived in the Reverse Spirit Heaven Wheels space.

Ever since she had obtained this space, she had never studied it properly.

She had only used it to place things and use it as a spatial storage device.

However, her intuition told her that this space was not as simple as it looked.

Xue Fanxin came to the huge rock and took out the Myriad Spirit Record.

However, she realized that apart from a few pill formulas and pill refinement techniques, all the content had disappeared.

She remembered very clearly that the first time she read the Myriad Spirit Record, it was filled with all sorts of text.

Just the pill formulas alone numbered in the hundreds, let alone records like spirit herbs.

There were at least a thousand.

But now, the Myriad Spirit Record only had a few pill formulas.

There were only a few dozen types of spirit herbs, and the description on them had greatly decreased.

It was simply incomparable to before.

“Why would the content be missing for no reason”

The content of the Reverse Spirit Art and the Heart Cleansing Incantation had also decreased, with only the first tier left.

These three books were really strange.

The material was vanishing for no reason.

After a while, would they become blank books again

Xue Fanxin spent a lot of time studying the three books.

In order to avoid the content from disappearing the next time she came, she had to quickly memorize it in her head.

“Healing Pill, Spirit Regeneration Pill, Beauty Pill, Rising Pill…”

There were only four pill formulas left in the Myriad Spirit Record.

The dozens of spirit herbs were also very ordinary.

“If I want to refine pills, I have to buy a pill cultivating furnace, and for that, I need spirit coins.

Spirit coins, spirit coins.

How can I earn you

“Hmph, with my medical skills, would I be afraid of not earning money

“Forget it.

Lets not think about this for now.

Its more important to help grandfather repair his meridians and dantian first.”

Xue Fanxin focused her attention and concocted a potion in the Reverse Spirit Heaven Wheels space.

She refined the Jade Skin Spirit Flower and prepared all the herbs she needed.

She worked hard for half a day before finishing.

Fortunately, she had stolen a bunch of herbs from the Hundred Herb Hall previously.

Otherwise, she would have to rack her brains over herbs now.

Next, she had to heal her grandfathers meridians and dantian.

After finishing her work, Xue Fanxin left the Reverse Spirit Heaven Wheels space.

She realized that it was quiet outside, so she went out to take a look.

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There was no one in the courtyard, but the silence here made people feel relaxed and comfortable.


When Fuyun heard the call, she immediately appeared and knelt on one knee in front of Xue Fanxin.

“What can I do for you, Imperial Consort”

“What time is it now What is Ye Jiushang doing”

“Your Highness, its just past noon.

His Highness entered the palace yesterday and hasnt returned yet.”

“Oh, he entered the palace! What about my grandfather”

“Old Master Xue is resting in the room next door.”

“Alright, you can leave.” Xue Fanxin casually asked a few questions before heading towards Xue Batians room.

As for why Ye Jiushang had gone to the Imperial Palace for an entire day and night and had not returned, she did not care at all.

Every imperial family was similar.

They were filled with all kinds of power struggles and mutual deception.

If possible, she really wanted to stay far away from the imperial family.

Unfortunately, she was already involved with Ah Jiu..

The only way to avoid trouble coming her way was to stay as low as possible.


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