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Ye Jiushang watched as Xue Fanxin left happily, only retracting his gaze after she went out of her sight.

Then, his expression changed and returned to his usual cold and arrogant self as if nothing in the world had anything to do with him.

He said unhurriedly, “All of you can leave.

I need to enter the palace.

Zhuri, go and make the arrangements.”

“Yes.” Zhuri received the order and wanted to leave, but he realized that Zhuiyue was staring at Ye Jiushang in a daze.

He was really helpless.

On account of their past friendship, he could only remind her again to retreat sensibly.

Zhuiyue realized that she was standing there like a fool.

After she returned to her senses, she quickly retreated, fearing that she would anger Ye Jiushang.

Normally, her actions would have already displeased the Lord.

Furthermore, she had just disobeyed the Lords orders and was unwilling to be Xue Fanxins personal maid.

The Lord did not blame her for this, so it could be seen that the Lord still cared about her.

Zhuri looked at Zhuiyues indulgent appearance and felt that she was hopeless.

Now, he couldnt even be bothered to advise her and left her to fend for herself.

When Ye Jiushang was about to enter the palace, Xue Fanxin was busy choosing a place to stay and familiarizing herself with the environment of the Lords Estate.

She decided on a relatively remote courtyard.

There was a wall not far from the courtyard, with a busy street beyond it.

This was why she had chosen to live in this small courtyard.

If she wanted to leave silently, she could just climb the wall.

“Fuyun, I want to have a good sleep.

Go do your own thing.

If you see my grandfather, bring him over and arrange for him to stay in another room.” Xue Fanxin took a hot bath and wore the clothes that the servants had sent her.

Lying on the exquisite soft bed, she slipped into dreamland right away.

While she was sleeping soundly, things were heating up in Heavenly Saints City.

Xue Residence

When Madam Xue found out that Xue Fanxin was Ye Jiushangs consort, she was about to go crazy with anger.

“How could that slut be the Ninth Imperial Consort With her ugly appearance, she wouldnt even be liked by ordinary people.

How could the Ninth Lord like her

“Im so angry.

Damn you, slut.

Even if you are the Ninth Consort, I want you to die without a grave.”

There were three women standing beside Madam Xue.

One was a little older and looked about the same age as her.

The other two were very young, about 17 years old.

All of them were huddled together and did not dare to make a sound.

They listened to Madam Xues crazy curses, and only after she vented out enough did they dare to speak.

“Mother, looks like Xue Batians granddaughter has someone to rely on.

It wont be easy to kill her.”

The person who spoke was the Young Madam of the Xue family, who was also the wife of Madam Xues son.

She had brought her two daughters to comfort Madam Xue.

Xue Lianfeng was of the same generation as Xue Batian.

He was already in his eighties, but he still yearned for power.

No matter what, he was unwilling to give his authority to his son.

As a result, the people of the Xue family were a little different from the other families in terms of seniority.

Among their peers, their seniority was lower.

In other families, people like Madam Xue had long gained the title of Old Madam.

But in the Xue family, Madam Xue still held the status of the main wife of the family head.

Fortunately, she took good care of herself and was quite good-looking.

With her young appearance, it wasnt too strange.

However, it had quite an impact on the younger generation.

With Young Madam Xues seniority, she could become the mistress of the household in other families, but she was only a Young Madam now.

“With Xue Fanxins ugly face, how could the Ninth Prince think highly of her” Madam Xue slammed the table.

She accidentally saw her two granddaughters standing beside Young Madam Xue and had a thought.

“Lanzhi, I heard that Lanyuan and Qinglan have seen the Ninth Prince.”

If the Ninth Lord had a new lover, he would definitely lose interest in Xue Fanxin..

Then, she would have a chance.

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