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The appearance of the Ninth Imperial Consort in the Heavenly Saints Empire caused a considerable stir.

This matter was spreading everywhere and slowly raising a storm in the Heavenly Saints Empire, changing the overall situation.

It was just that no one noticed it.

Who could have expected that the Ninth Lord, who had disappeared for many years and had unfathomable strength, the Ninth Imperial Uncle, who had never been close to women, would suddenly marry a wife Furthermore, it was a stupid girl with a face full of scars.

It was really unexpected!

However, the main character who had caused such a commotion was now wolfing down the delicious food on the table like nothing had happened.

Although Xue Batian, who was sitting together with them, was in a better situation, he was also eating a lot.

Coupled with a skinny little white tiger, the two people and one tiger actually ate two whole tables of food, exhausting the chefs of the Ninth Lords Estate.

Usually, Ye Jiushang was not in the residence all year round, and he would sometimes not return even once for a few years.

Even if he did, he would stay for at most ten days or half a month.

Therefore, the servants in his residence were few, and the chefs even more so.

It was really difficult to make two tables of delicacies at once.

Therefore, many of the dishes today were bought from the top restaurant in the city.

It didnt matter if he had bought it or made it himself.

Xue Fanxin only knew that there was delicious food to eat.

“Burp… Im so full!”

“I havent been able to enjoy the Tong Realms delicacies in a long time.

Its really delicious!” Xue Batian had also eaten quite a lot.

He gently patted his bloated stomach, looking very satisfied.

The little white tiger was the same.

It was too full to move and sprawled on the dining table.

Ye Jiushang, on the other hand, sat on a cushion by the side.

He watched as an old man, a young girl, and a tiger ate their meal like a whirlwind.

He kept staring at the little person he was thinking about.

He did not show any disgust, instead was filled with doting.

“Are you full” Ye Jiushang sat up elegantly.

His body released a faint suppressive force, causing the entire rooms air pressure to decrease.

The guards outside the door and the servants serving in the room felt tremendous pressure, almost suffocating.

They could not even finish what they were doing.

In the entire house, only Xue Fanxin was immune to Ye Jiushangs suppression.

She saw her grandfather in pain and stopped him.

“Ah Jiu, why are you releasing your aura for no reason Look at the people in the house.

All of them cant work normally anymore.

Quickly put your messy suppression away.”

Hearing Xue Fanxins words, the servants immediately knelt on the ground in fear.

All of them were so frightened that they were trembling and could not even speak.

Xue Fanxin noticed their extreme reaction and felt very puzzled.

“What are you doing Did I say something I shouldnt have”

My little grandaunt, you actually said that the Ninth Imperial Uncle was a mess.

This is a huge disrespect, and something you would get punished for.

The royal family valued prestige the most.

If servants heard or saw anything that harmed the royal familys dignity, they would often be silenced.

As a member of the royal family, Ye Jiushang naturally understood the rationale behind this.

However, he casually waved his hand and gestured for those people to leave.

Xue Batian was a smart man.

He grabbed the little white tiger on the table and chuckled.

“I ate too much.

Im going out for a walk.”

Before the little white tiger could understand the situation, it was dragged out of the room.

“Grandpa, Ill come with you.” Seeing everyone leave, Xue Fanxin looked at Ye Jiushangs strange expression and felt that something was wrong.

She also wanted to leave, but just as she got up, the door closed automatically.

Want to leave No way.

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