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Ye Jiushang was dressed in white and appeared on the streets untainted by even a speck of dust.

Wherever he went, the dust in the surroundings automatically avoided him.

His cold aura, which kept people at bay, made everyone around him afraid to even move.

Everyone in the Heavenly Saints Empire knew that the current Ninth Lord was mysterious and unfathomable.

All kinds of legends about him were as amazing as they could be.

He was like an omnipotent god, but he was also a demon that could not be provoked casually.

There was a saying in the Heavenly Saints Empire: You would rather offend the Heavenly Saints Emperor than the Ninth Imperial Uncle.

This showed how high Ye Jiushangs status was in the Heavenly Saints Empire.

At this moment, when Su Baifeng, who was in the tea house, saw Ye Jiushang appear, her eyes were filled with love and admiration.

She wanted to rush up to him immediately and talk to him.

However, seeing him walk towards Xue Fanxin, the jealousy and hatred in her heart suddenly surged.

She really did not understand how an ugly girl with a scarred face could gain His Highnesss favor.

The moment Ye Jiushang appeared, all his attention was placed on Xue Fanxin.

He walked towards her one step at a time.

Seeing the wound on her shoulder, he frowned and asked with heartache, “Does it hurt”

Xue Fan pouted and said pitifully, “Obviously.

If you were in my place, would it hurt if you had a hole pierced through your body”

Seeing Xue Fanxins unrestrained attitude towards Ye Jiushang, unafraid of the coldness that he emitted, everyone around was shocked.

It was said that even the Heavenly Saints Emperor would feel pressure when facing Ye Jiushang, let alone ordinary people like them.

However, that little girl who had just awakened her spirit was not afraid of Ye Jiushang at all.

The current Ninth Imperial Uncle, the Ninth Imperial Uncle…

This attitude would definitely anger the Ninth Imperial Uncle, definitely… However, what happened next shocked everyone even more.

“Be good.

Bear with it for a while.

Soon it wont hurt anymore.” Ye Jiushang did not mind Xue Fanxins carefree attitude one bit, not getting angry at all.

He even treated her injuries gently.

That gentleness seemed to be able to melt the winter snow, sweeter than honey.

After Ye Jiushangs treatment, Xue Fanxin felt that the wound on her shoulder no longer hurt, but the scar was still there.

Even so, Ye Jiushang was very unhappy.

“Little Xiner, this scar will heal in a few days.

I will definitely take revenge for what happened today.”

“We can talk about venting our anger in the future.

Can you take me to eat first Im so hungry!” Xue Fanxin stroked her hungry stomach.

Even though the ground was filled with corpses, she only wanted to eat her fill first.

However, at that moment, she noticed that her dantian had changed.

It seemed to have increased by more than two times.

The red badge emitted a strange red light, but it dissipated soon after and the badge returned to its original state.

If she had not noticed the abnormality in her dantian at a critical moment, she would not have known that the badge had once lit up.

What was going on

Just as Xue Fanxin was feeling puzzled, Ye Jiushang stroked her little head gently.

“Not bad, little girl.

Youve already reached the large success stage of the Spirit Awakening Realm and are close to the perfected Spirit Awakening Realm.

I believe it wont be long before you can enter the Spirit Building Realm.”

In the Tongxuan Continent, no matter how talented a person was, it would take at least half a year or even a year for them to reach the small success stage of the Spirit Awakening Realm from the Spirit Awakening Realm to the large success stage.

However, this girl had almost reached the perfected stage of the Spirit Awakening Realm in less than two months.

“You mean Ive reached the large success stage of the Spirit Awakening Realm” Xue Fanxin was a little excited.

She had been working hard at cultivation recently, but her cultivation level did not improve.

It had made her depressed for a long time.

Now, it had finally increased a little.

Although it was not much, at least it was something.

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After coming to the Tongxuan Realm, she realized the importance of strength even more.

She had to work harder to cultivate in the future.

However, eating was the most important thing now.


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