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While Xue Fanxin was in a predicament, a pair of resentful eyes were staring at her from a certain room in a tea house not far away.

The hatred was extremely deep, and she yearned to skin her alive.

This person was none other than Su Baifeng.

Huangyi stood by Su Baifengs side, constantly adding oil to the fire and fanning the flames.

“Miss, I didnt expect Xue Fanxin to be so lucky.

She actually escaped from Hongyi and even came to the Tongxuan Realm.

Fortunately, she wasnt with His Highness and has now been banned by the Xue family.

This is the best time to get rid of her.

If we wait for His Highness to return, it will be even more difficult to deal with her.”

Su Baifengs expression turned uglier, and her mood worsened.

Glaring at the distant Xue Fanxin, she clenched the teacup in her hand.

Apart from anger and killing intent, there was also envy and jealousy in her eyes.

“That useless Hongyi cant even kill a little girl who has just awakened her spirit.

That was an opportunity I risked offending His Highness to obtain, but it was ruined by her just like that.”

“Miss, Hongyi has yet to return.

She must be dead.” As a maidservant, Huangyi knew her master well.

The Miss only kept people who were useful to her, and she wouldnt even glance at someone who held no value to her.

Su Baifeng did not care about Hongyis death at all.

She said disdainfully, “If shes dead, so be it.

If she cant complete the mission, death will be letting her off easy.”

“Youre right, Miss.

Fortunately, the Xue family has released a ban with great fanfare this time, letting us know immediately that Xue Fanxin has come to the Tongxuan Realm.

His Highness is coincidentally not around now.

It seems like the heavens are on your side.”

Huangyi undoubtedly knew what to say at the right times.

No wonder she could serve Su Baifeng personally.

Hearing Huangyis words, Su Baifengs expression improved a little.

The gaze she used to look at Xue Fanxin became cold and ruthless.

“His Highness can only be mine.

Whoever dares to snatch him from me, I will make them disappear from this world.

A lowly slut dares to snatch His Highness from me Today, I will make her die without a burial place, turn her into ashes, and have her soul scattered.”

Over the years, how much effort had she spent to protect His Highness Although His Highness did not have her in his heart, he did not like other women and had always been alone.

Hence, she could calmly wait and hope, all until that damned girl called Xue Fanxin appeared.

Ever since then, she was anxious, confused, and resentful…

No matter what, Xue Fanxin had to die.

All the women who His Highness cared about had to die.

Su Baifeng did not realize that her heart had already become twisted and ugly.

At this moment, she only wanted to kill Xue Fanxin.

On the other side, Xue Fanxin protected Xue Batian and wanted to break out of the encirclement, but she really had no way to escape.

“Grandpa, are these people sent by the Xue family” Xue Fanxin asked.

She could not figure out who would spend so much manpower and resources to kill them on their first visit to the Tongxuan Realm.

Xue Batian observed the people carefully and shook his head in confusion.

“They dont look like they belong to the Xue family.

Since the Xue family has given the order to ban us, they wont waste so much effort to chase after us, nor will they send out so many experts.

The lowest among these people is at the initial success stage of the Spirit Refining realm, while the strongest is at the Spirit Transformation realm.

Even if the Xue family is one of the four great clans of Heavenly Saints City, they wouldnt be able to send out so many experts in such a short time.”

“Then who on earth wants to kill us”


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