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The people from the Xue family were stunned by Xue Fanxins words and could not react for a long time.

In the Xue family, apart from the Old Master and the Master, everyone else had to live by Madam Xues standards.

Forget about contradicting her, they did not even dare to show any disrespect.

Even her biological sons and grandsons had to be careful when facing her.

That was not all; even the Master of the Xue family had never said such biting words to Madam Xue.

Xue Fanxins sharp words just now could be said to be unprecedented in the Xue family, so the people in the room were so shocked that they could not react for a while.

They stared at her in a daze, their eyes filled with disbelief.

No one imagined that a little girl from a small place outside would dare to scold the Madam of the Xue family.

They really did not know if she was stupidly brave or if she did not know the immensity of heaven and earth.

Madam Xue was furious.

She was fuming and had even lost her rationality.

Ignoring everything, she pointed at Xue Fanxin and started scolding her, “You impolite wild girl! How dare you talk to me like that Youre revolting.

Damn girl, do you know that with one word from me, youll have no place in the Xue family”

In her opinion, Xue Batian must be craving to return to the Xue family, even dreaming about it in his sleep.

His granddaughter should be the same.

With a single word from her, though, the duo could forget about returning.

“Tch, do you think I care about this dog** Xue family Grandpa, lets go.” Xue Fanxin forcefully shrugged off the Old Masters hand.

Without asking for Xue Batians permission, she dragged him away and left the way she had come.

“Xiner, you…” Xue Batian was rather troubled.

Although he wanted to stay behind to guard his fathers spirit, the granddaughter who had accompanied him for more than ten years was still more important to him.

In the end, he allowed her to pull him away.

Madam Xue walked out of the room and roared fiercely, “Get lost! Get lost as far as you can! You can forget about ever stepping foot into the Xue family again.”

Xue Fanxin ignored Madam Xues angry roar and quickly left the Xue family with Xue Batian.

She went out the side door she had come from and ran straight into the busy streets.

She only stopped after she was far away and panted heavily.

“Phew… I finally left that damned place.”

Xue Batian felt that Xue Fanxin was acting strange today, so he asked, “Xiner, whats wrong with you Ever since you fell off the cliff, youve become very smart.

Youve never acted so rashly and impulsively.

Do you know that Madam Xue might very well have killed you on the spot This is not the Nanling Empire.

Lowly people like us are no different from ants.

No one will care even if we die.”

“Grandpa, wasnt I doing this to take you away from the Xue family as soon as possible That was what Great-grandpa wanted.”

“Even if I want to leave the Xue family, I cant…” Xue Batian had not completely understood what Xue Fanxin meant.

He only reacted slowly halfway through and asked in confusion, “Xiner, what did you just say That was your great-grandfathers idea”

Xue Fanxin nodded heavily and replied, “Yes.

Just now, when Great-grandpa grabbed my hand tightly, he used what little spirit energy he had left to write on my palm.

At first, I didnt understand what it meant either, thinking that he was scratching my palm.

After he passed away, the words he left on my palm remained there, constantly repeating on my palm.”

It was precisely because her great-grandfather had left the words in her palm that she was in such a hurry to leave the Xue family.

She did not hesitate to argue with Madam Xue and offend a big shot.

Of course, she had her own reasons for doing this.

She wanted to help her grandfather vent his anger.

“Xiner, what did your great-grandfather write on your palm” Xue Batian asked solemnly.

Now that he thought about it carefully, he felt that his father had been strange before he died.

Why was his father so excited when he saw Little Xiner


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