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Xue Batian noticed the figures descending from the sky.

Upon seeing their faces, his expression became uglier.

There was deep hatred hidden in his eyes, but he endured it and did not erupt.

Xue Fanxin noticed his abnormality and could guess that those people had a deep grudge against her grandfather.

Although she really wanted to inquire about it, she felt that it was not the right time.

She would wait and see.

The person who had descended from the sky was a middle-aged man.

He had two followers.

As soon as he appeared, he looked at Xue Batian in a strange manner.

He seemed to be looking down on him and mocking him.

However, no matter what, they all hid it and tried their best to talk to him amiably.

“Second Master, youre really hard to find!”

“Xue Yuan, why have you come here instead of being a dog by Xue Lianfengs side” Xue Batian said angrily.

His words were filled with disgust and displeasure.

The middle-aged man called Xue Yuan did not retort and directly stated his purpose for coming.

“Old Master is critically ill.

Before he dies, he wants to see you.

Master is loyal and filial.

Even if you had hurt him back then, he is willing to let you return to the family and see Old Master for the last time.”

Xue Batian was already burning with anxiety when he heard the first half of Xue Yuans words, not listening to the second half at all.

“My father is ill How is that possible Whats going on With his cultivation, living to two hundred years is not a problem.

Hes not even hundred yet.

How can he be ill”

“Ever since Second Master left the family, Old Master has been in depression.

This illness could be said to have been caused by himself.

Old Masters illness is really serious.

Even the best imperial physicians in the Heavenly Saints Empire are unable to salvage the situation.

Hence, Master agreed to Old Masters request and let you return to the family to see him for the last time.

Second Master, when I came, Old Master was barely hanging on.

I dont know if he has already returned to heaven, so we have to set off quickly unless you dont want to see Old Master.”

Xue Batian made his decision without another word.

“Alright, Ill go back with you, but I need to take someone with me.”


Ill give you an hour to settle things here.

Well leave in an hour.” Xue Yuan flew away with his entourage and disappeared.

It had only been fifteen minutes since Xue Yuan had appeared and left.

The time was short.

Apart from Xue Batian, everyone else was still confused, having no idea what was going on.

Xue Fanxin asked in confusion, “Grandpa, whats going on”

Xue Batian did not answer for the time being.

Instead, he gave various orders to the butler beside him.

“Butler, Little Xiner and I are leaving for a while.

During this time, you will take charge of everything in the estate.”

The butler seemed to know something and did not ask further.

He accepted the task Xue Batian gave him.

“Yes, sir.”

“Alright, go do your thing.

Everything should be normal in the residence.”


After settling everything, Xue Batian looked at Xue Fanxin.

His heart was rather heavy as he asked worriedly, “Little Xiner, I want to take you back to the clan.

Are you afraid”

“No,” Xue Fanxin said fearlessly.

Although she did not know what was going on, she was not afraid no matter what the situation would be.

If she really encountered a problem that she could not resolve, she would drag it out until the Ninth Imperial Uncle came out of the coffin…


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