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It turned out that the Imperial Preceptor, Yan Song, had conspired with the Nanling Emperor to privately imprison a person from a large family and take his blood to refine medicine.

Later on, that person fled and returned a few days ago with his men to take revenge.

They turned the Imperial Palace and the Imperial Preceptors Estate upside down.

Anyone related to the Imperial Family and the Imperial Preceptors Estate was suffering their wrath.

“Grandpa, is the person youre talking about called Bai Han” Xue Fanxin had not forgotten that she had accidentally saved a certain guy when she went to the Hundred Herbs Hall to steal medicine.

If it was really him, that would make things interesting.

“Little Xiner, how did you know that his name is Bai Han” Xue Batian asked in surprise.

He never thought that his granddaughter would know the name of the man from the Bai family.

This was not a simple matter.

“If its really that rascal Bai Han, Ill definitely beat him up until he cries for his parents.”

When the infiltrators heard Xue Fanxin, they were so angry that they started scolding her, “Little slut, how dare you scold Young Master! It looks like youre tired of living.”

“That little slut not only crippled our brothers, but she also insulted Young Master.

Lets just cripple her.”

“Why are you guys talking so much Were still waiting to deal with this little slut!”

One of the men was much angrier than the others, so much so that his eyes were blazing.

He wished he could skin Xue Fanxin alive.

How could he not hate her His only younger brother had been crippled by this girl.

In his hatred, he had killed everyone when he barged into the Dukes Estate.

He had also taken the life of Xiao Xu just now.

Seeing Xue Fanxin, he couldnt wait to kill her.

“Little slut, Ill cripple you.

Prepare to die.”

“I think you should go back and ask your master for instructions.

If that punk Bai Han is really so ungrateful, then I can only blame my bad luck.” Xue Fanxin casually threw out a threat when the other party was about to attack.

However, these words did not seem to have much effect, making everyone laugh.

“Brother Sen, is there something wrong with this little girls head”

“I heard that theres something wrong with the granddaughter from the Dukes Estate.

She is a stupid, foolish, and useless person.

Seeing her today, its indeed true.”


“How could a stupid waste know that your master is called Bai Han” Xue Fanxin ignored the mocking and retorted coldly.

Just one sentence stunned everyone.

That was right! If she was a stupid and useless idiot, how could she know the Young Masters name

At this moment, the person called Brother Sens mind turned slightly.

He sneered and said, “Hmph, maybe youre in cahoots with the people from the Imperial Preceptors Estate, thats why you know Young Masters name.

Anyone who is with the Imperial Preceptors Estate must die.”

“Do you think Yan Song would collude with an idiot” Xue Fanxins casual words rendered the man called Brother Sen speechless.

From the conversation between Xue Fanxin and Xue Batian, one could tell that before this, Xue Fanxin did not know what had happened in the Imperial City, yet she could guess the Young Masters name… This matter was a little strange.

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Xue Fanxin put away her casual attitude and said domineeringly, “Call Bai Han to see me.”

“Someone of low status like you is not qualified to see Young Master.

Die.” Brother Sens killing intent towards Xue Fanxin was intense.

He only wanted to take revenge for his younger brother.

In his fit of rage, he threw Xue Fanxins words to the back of his mind and directly attacked her.

“Im going to take your life.”

Xue Fanxin thought that using Bai Hans name to scare these people would settle the matters.

Who knew that it would be useless She was too tired to resist and her grandfather had lost his cultivation.

The situation was urgent!

Just as Xue Fanxin was feeling anxious and Xue Batian was prepared to protect her with his life, an ice arrow flew over and pierced Brother Sens arm.



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