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Chapter 110: How Chatty

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

No matter how chaotic the spirit energy in his body was, Ye Jiushang did not panic.

He acted as if it wouldnt matter even if the sky collapsed.

He looked at Xue Fanxin with a smile and habitually used his finger to touch her forehead, saying dotingly, “As long as you are around, I wont die.

You are my lucky star!”

“What do you mean” Xue Fanxin still did not understand, but she did not think that Ye Jiushang would joke with his life.

If he said that he would not die, then he would not die.

“Your blood can help me.”

“My blood”

Right, he had once said that her blood contained the power of nirvana.

“The power of nirvana in your blood can help me suppress the chaotic and devastating power in my body.

However, I need to sleep for a while, at least ten days, at most a month,” Ye Jiushang said.

A faint look of worry appeared on his face as he added, “When I sleep, you must protect yourself, okay”

“You mean that the fairy-like woman will still send people to kill me” Xue Fanxin could sense Ye Jiushangs worry, so she asked directly.

“Dont worry.

She temporarily doesnt have the ability to cause you trouble.

Whoever dares to touch my people, Ill definitely make them die miserably.” When Ye Jiushang thought of what Su Baifeng had done, his heart was filled with anger, and his eyes revealed terrifying killing intent.

However, because of the chaotic spirit energy in his body, his body could not last for long.

He did not waste time on Su Baifeng and continued to say to Xue Fanxin, “Little Xiner, I want a drop of your blood.

Are you willing”

“Forget about one drop of blood.

As long as I can help you, even ten drops wont be a problem.” Xue Fanxin did not hesitate.

She took out a silver needle and pierced her finger, squeezing out a drop of blood for Ye Jiushang readily.

Ye Jiushang gently stroked Xue Fanxins head and said gently, “Silly girl, do you know how precious your blood is In the future, you must not casually give your blood to others, okay”

“Youre really chatty today.

Do you want it or not”

“Of course.” Ye Jiushang placed Xue Fanxins bloody finger in his mouth and sucked on it.

With just a small drop of blood, the chaotic spiritual energy in his body had calmed down a lot.

It was no longer as rampant as before, but it was still disorderly.

Ye Jiushang adjusted his breathing briefly before standing up.

He led Xue Fanxin towards the cave ahead of them and said, “Lets go.

Ill send you back to the cave from before.”

“Cave That cave with the crystal coffin If I go back now, does that mean that my experience here is over”


I originally wanted you to train here for a month, but with such a thing happening, I can only send you out first.

However, I dont have the ability to send you back to Dukes Estate.

After you reach the cave, you have to return by yourself.”

The backlash from the Draconic Lotus was too intense this time.

Even with Xue Fanxins blood, he would soon fall into a deep sleep.

In the next month, he would not be able to accompany her.

A months time was neither long nor short.

He believed that with her ability, she could definitely handle everything around her.

When he woke up, he would make those who had bullied her pay a thousand times the price.


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