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Chapter 100: A Dangerous Battle (2)

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Not only had the power of the darts controlled by the Reverse Spirit Art increased dozens of times, but they also had the ability to lock onto the enemys spiritual energy for a short period.

After locking onto the enemys spirit energy, the dart would rely on the power of the Reverse Spirit Art to launch intense attacks and powerful damage to the enemy.

Hongyi had underestimated the two darts.

When they were about to reach her, she did not dodge.

She only waved her hand, but the two darts were not thrown off by her.

Instead, they ignored the power she wielded and continued flying forward.

At this moment, Hongyi had no time to dodge or defend.

She could only watch as the two darts stabbed at her.


Hongyi was hit in the chest by the darts.

If not for the fact that her cultivation level was much higher than Xue Fanxins and that her defense was stronger, she would have died right then and there.

Xue Fanxin knew that Hongyi would not suffer the same thing a second time.

Therefore, after the move was successful, she did not employ it again.

Instead, she took out the Xue You Flute that Ye Jiushang had given her and played the Soul Seizing Art.

Seeing Xue Fanxin take out the Xue You Flute, Hongyi was shocked.

After pulling out the darts from her body, she said in disbelief, “The Xue You Flute is in your hand How is that possible How could His Highness give you the Xue You Flute”

Their Miss had been looking forward to getting her hands on this Xue You Flute for a long time but could not make His Highness give it to her.

Unexpectedly, this flute had fallen into the hands of this lowly little girl.

How ridiculous.

“Little slut, hand over the Xue You Flute quickly.

Thats not something you can have.”

Hongyi suddenly became irritable.

Even she did not know that the blood in her body was boiling.

She was doing things in a crazy manner.

This was the first time Xue Fanxin had used the Xue You Flute to fight an enemy, so she did not know what kind of damage the Xue You Flutes Soul Seizing Art would cause to the enemy.

However, when she saw the frantic Hongyi, she did not dare to play it anymore, afraid that she would agitate the murderer.

“That damned Ye Jiushang.

He screwed me over this time.

What Xue You Flute What Soul Seizing Art Theyre both useless.”

Facing Hongyis crazy attacks, Xue Fanxin could only dodge, but as she did so, she suddenly felt that something was wrong.

Hongyi had indeed gone crazy and started a massacre.

However, her target was not limited to her only.

She was also aiming at the surrounding dead things and even the rocks.

She would hit whatever she saw and had completely forgotten what her target was.

“So the Soul Seizing Art was so powerful!” Xue Fanxin had just disparaged the Soul Seizing Art that Ye Jiushang had taught her to be worthless.

Now, she praised it again and did not feel guilty at all.

“Ill kill, Ill kill, Ill kill…” Hongyis madness intensified.

She destroyed the mountaintop wantonly and attacked with extreme force.

An entire rock was shattered by her strikes, and rumbling sounds constantly came from the mountaintop.

At the foot of the mountain, Su Baifeng heard the noise coming from the mountain, and her lips curled up into a smug smile.

Huangyi said in a gloating manner, “Miss, it must be Hongyi teaching that vixen a lesson.

From the looks of it, that vixen has probably become meat paste.”

“Its good as long as shes dead.” Su Baifeng did not care about Xue Fanxins death at all as if she was a small bug.

She turned her gaze to Ye Jiushang and said with deep emotions, “Your Highness, that woman is dead; everything is over.

Ill take you back now and let you have a new beginning.”

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Su Baifeng helped Ye Jiushang up and flew away with him.

In the blink of an eye, she had already disappeared without a trace.

The yellow-clothed girl looked at the situation on the mountaintop and realized that there were still vibrations coming from above.

She thought to herself that Hongyi was probably destroying the scene, so she did not plan to go up and take a look..

She left with Su Baifeng.


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