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The Only Aura User In Magic World Chapter 30 - Breath And Fight

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First Breath.

I can't actually put my trust just from my practice. Even if it's fifteen minute that I can fight all out in a single breath, that's not considering the pressure and the stress of a real fight yet.

I may be able to go all out in the first ten minutes. But after that, if I don't take another breath, my movement will significantly slower. For a monster than can see everything, that's a big opening to kill me.

After I took a breath from the Oxygen Tank, I put the tank back in my pocket and charge at the burning eyeball. How come that thing can survive in this fire Don't tell me that thing actually has a resistance against fire That mean I can only hope the smoke and the lack of air can help me.

I broke my spear in two like usual and put my Aura in both broken pieces. The one with blade, I will use it to slash the tentacles, and the blunt part is for parrying attack. This should be enough to fight until I saw an opening to kill it.

Although the smoke also blocked my view, I can still use my presence detection with my Aura. But the monster also somehow able to keep its eye open with so much smoke and fire around it.

If possible, I would like to slash the tentacle with its mouth so it will have difficulty reaching an area with clear air. But the tentacles keep attacking me and I can't close the distance. So all I can do for now is to block the attack, slicing the tentacles, and look for an opening to kill that thing.

I also throw several throwing knives, but that monster know I'm open after I throw weapons so after a few times, I stopped using throwing weapons.

I took the whole one breath to strategize and defending myself. From the next one on, I will attack more.

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I took a distance from the eyeball and took out my Oxygen Tank again.

Second breath.

Seems like it knows that I'm taking my breath and it attacked me with blades. I haven't able to take a deep breath so this one might only last for five minute. I need to make an opening so I can catch my breath for the next one.

I parry the blade tentacle with the club from the broken spear and I put my power and Aura to the blade of the spear and cut the tentacle! Now it lost one of its twenty tentacles. Twenty one if I included the mouth.

Seemingly shocked by my sudden gust of strength, it paused its movement and I took that as a chance to cut more tentacles. This time, three more are dismembered.

As soon as I cut the three tentacles, I took out the Oxygen Tank again and took my third breath.

Third breath.

This time, I didn't put the tank back in my pocket. Instead, I will use it to block attack just like the blunt end of the spear. This way, it will be easier for me to get the next breath.

I took a deep breath this time and by the time I finished, I used the tank to block another blade tentacle. It leave a scratch, but it won't break easily. Since it was made to hold such pressure from how much I compressed air, it's pretty strong.

But since I take a lot of air every time I used it, there might only be about five more breath before the tank is out.

This time, I ignore the tentacles attacking me and go directly to the huge eyeball. The All-seeing Eye must have not expected it since there's no tentacles protecting it.

That's my plan! To make the enemy get used to my fight, and then changed my target mid-fight. This way, despite being called the All-seeing Eye, in the end, it can't read my mind.

Although it still trying to follow my movement, the unexpected move of me made its reaction slower. Of course I'm not the guy who just let that kind of opening be.

I thrust my spear and pierced it through its eye! But the defense of that eyeball is pretty damn high that the blade of the spear is only sunk for about ten centimeters. I expected it to be strong, but not this strong!

Since I expected it, I raised the Oxygen Tank in my other hand and swung it down to the spear to make the blade sink deeper!


It's funny how I hit something in front of me, but the scream is somewhere else. But I have no time to laugh since the flame is about to died down. If the fire is out, the chance of winning will decrease significantly.

A tentacle tried to grab me, but I parry it with the broken spear handle. I raised the tank again and swung it down again. This time while yelling out a scream.


Screaming while attacking, will make the attack get stronger. That's why Aura user in the past would scream every time they fight since it makes their attacks stronger. That's what Victoria told me.

And she's right. The second hit makes the spear sunk deeper than the first one. But even though the monster is in pain, it's still smart enough to protect itself. The tentacles gathered around me and attacked me simultaneously, but I already stepped back and prepared to take another breath.

Fourth breath.

The Oxygen Tank is about to leak since I used it to attack. But that's good since this will be the last breath I took from it. After this, if I can't win, that's that.

I threw the tank that still have some Oxygen left to the eyeball. No, to the blade tentacle closest to the eyeball. And as I expected, the blade attacked the tank and the Oxygen leaked.

The fire that was about to die off, suddenly grow larger. That's right. Oxygen is flammable. That's why I used it as weapon.

And now it became panicked because of the sudden growth in flame. All its tentacles are moving frantically. Without trying to attack me. And of course I will kill it with this last shot.

I grabbed the broken spear handle so I can swung it to the broken spear still stuck on the eyeball.

I moved forward as I dodged the random movement of the tentacles. So far so good, but as I was about to reach the spear, a blade tentacle approached me!

This is not the attack of the All-seeing Eye. It's just a random move it make because it became panic. That's why I can't predict it.

If I dodged, I won't be able to finish it. And I don't have enough time to get a knife to block the blade. The only choice I have left to finish kill it right now is if I sacrifice my arm.

The tentacle attacked from my left side so I raised my left hand to protect myself. I strengthen my arm with Aura in hope that I can block it.


The blade pierced through my flesh and bone. But luckily, there are two bones there and the second one able to block it. Although the bone must be cracked now.

I ignore the pain and swung my spear handle to the spear. This time, the whole half of a spear is sunk deep. Hopefully, it will die.

The All-seeing Eye is screaming in pain, and I'm already running away to the exit of the room while adding pressure on my left arm so I won't lose too much of blood.

From a safe distance, I watched the monster writhing in pain and finally it stopped moving.

I can't tell if it's already dead or not, so again, I took another breath.

Fifth breath.

Because the room is filled with smoke, and the Oxygen Tank is already gone, I took a breath away from that room. I inhaled a bit of smoke, but that's still okay.

I ran as fast as possible to the eyeball, and kicked it right where my spear is!

Just as I expected! It's still alive! But that last kick is enough to kill that thing!

As I kicked it, its tentacles wriggling because of the pain. But soon, it stopped moving. And it died for real this time. I know because my vision suddenly become clearer even though the room is full of smokes.

That mean I finally got my special ability! And it really is a vision ability!

But before I celebrate my victory, I have something to do. It's to fix my half severed arm.

After using magic on the spear so it can be repaired and using Air magic to clear the surrounding, I summoned Blobby and took out a small medical kit from my pocket.

I have a lot of pockets and each of them is large in size. It's the clothes I prepared for this fight after all.

"You're don—WHAT'S GOING ON HERE!"

Ah, of course she would be confused. Seeing me stitching my own arm while it's bleeding must have make her worried.

I became the first person to ever defeat All-seeing Eye and my only injury is only my half severed arm. Of course she would be surprised. So I just summarized the story until everyone come here.

"I won."

"…holy **."



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