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Under the pressure of the Red Lotus Karmic Flame, it finally lowered its noble head and submitted.

However, Ye Qiu wasnt a fool.

He could tell that its so-called submission was forced.

Dont trust these evil thoughts because such a thing had never existed in its eyes.

If you believed its nonsense, you would be a complete idiot.

What trust was there to talk about with such a thing Was it trustworthy

As expected, after it said this, Ye Qius hand paused for a second.

The sword spirit with its head lowered found the opportunity and instantly pounced over.

“Haha!” The sword spirit was filled with confidence as if it had already seen its scheme succeed.

However, in the next second, it was surprised to discover that its black aura was blocked by a layer of flames.

Ye Qiu looked at it with a faint smile and sneered, “Do you think Im that inexperienced kid Youre still inexperienced to play tricks with me.”

Ye Qiu was already on guard.

Who was he He was Ye Qiu, known as the slyest person in the Great Desolate World.

He had always been the one plotting against others.

When had it been anyone elses turn to scheme against him

If it were anyone else, they would probably really believe its nonsense.

However, Ye Qiu had never believed that this thing would sincerely submit.

Seeing that its sneak attack had failed, the sword spirit instantly revealed a terrified gaze.

It was afraid.

It originally thought that its sneak attack would definitely succeed, but it did not expect the young man in front of it to sense its plan in advance.

“Damn it!” The sword spirit cursed in its heart.

It could not accept why this young man was so shrewd and had been guarding against it.

Feeling like it had suffered a great humiliation, the sword spirit suddenly attacked.

It gave up on itself and charged towards Ye Qiu.

Unexpectedly, Ye Qiu raised his hand and suppressed it.

He sneered and said, “Since youre courting death, Ill fulfill your wish.

In any case, your existence in the world is also a scourge.

It can be considered to have eliminated evil for the world.

Theres no difference whether youre in this demon sword or not.”

Looking at Ye Qius gloomy sneer, this was the first time the sword spirit felt the suffocation of death.

This young man was different from those in the past.

He did not have the conceit and arrogance of those so-called geniuses.

He would not give it any chance.

He could even do it flawlessly without any flaws.

Ye Qiu suddenly slapped down with his palm.

In an instant, the world-destroying karmic flames suddenly burned and instantly covered the sword spirit.

In the fire, the sword spirit let out a desperate roar.

The Karmic Flame burned away all the evil thoughts in its body, causing its power to rapidly weaken until it disappeared.

In his pain, the sword spirit roared angrily, “Ant, kill me if you have the guts.

Otherwise, I will make you pay a heavy price one day.”

“Hmm Threatening me” Ye Qiu immediately smiled.

This was the first time he had met someone with such a request.

In an instant, Ye Qiu increased his strength and the Red Lotus Karmic Flame burned down again.

Under the devouring of the Karmic Flame, it quickly turned into ashes.

It completely disappeared from the world.

Looking at the messy floor, Ye Qiu shook his head and said, “You refuse a toast only to drink a forfeit.

This is the first time Ive met someone so stubborn.

Youre about to die, yet youre still challenging me.

Come on, take revenge on me.

If you have the guts, climb out from the ground and continue to challenge me.”

Ye Qiu pointed at the ashes on the ground and said disdainfully.

He felt that it wasnt enough and spat on the ashes.

The sword spirit disappeared.

In an instant, the demonic energy on the Heavenly Evil Sword began to dissipate, gradually revealing its original appearance.

He looked at the Heavenly Evil Sword in his hand.

Its power was not reduced by the death of the sword spirit because it did not have a sword spirit.

The reason why there was a sword spirit in its body was because it was affected by the Nine Nether Demon God.

An evil thought existed in it.

After many years of battle, massacre, and contamination with many resentments in the world, a sword spirit was gradually born.

Not only did the existence of that sword spirit not have any benefits, but it also devoured its master.

This was because it was the incarnation of the evil of the world.

How could it cooperate with people As long as this thing existed, it would not give up on devouring its master.

Therefore, Ye Qius method was simple and crude.

He eliminated the sword spirit and let the demon sword regain its original appearance.

Ye Qiu smiled as he held Heavenly Evil and felt the terrifying demonic energy.

Without the sword spirit, the demonic energy no longer had the ability to bewitch the mind.

It had ordinary immortal power and was an offensive sword.

Moreover, in terms of power, there was an uncertainty about demonic power.

Sometimes, under certain circumstances, it might be even more terrifying than immortal power.

To be precise, the power of this demon sword had already surpassed the Overlord Halberd.

With this sword, it could be considered to have filled Ye Qius current situation of not having a sword to use.

“Hehe… Not bad.

Overall, the gains this time are quite good.” Ye Qiu chuckled, feeling very excited.

He didnt expect his gains to be so great this time.

Not only did he obtain a few longevity medicines, but he also obtained two chaotic immortal treasures and a holy sword.

Ye Qiu happily held the Heavenly Evil Sword in his hand and played with it.

He sucked in a breath of cold air.

In terms of killing intent, this was not something that the Immortal Slayer could compare to.

This was good stuff!

With it, the power of the Cursive Sword Art increased by hundreds of times.

Even when facing a Heavenly Venerate expert, Ye Qiu dared to say that he was invincible.

If he encountered the White Tiger Li Tian, the Immortal Mountain, and those old things on Mount Yao again, Ye Qiu would definitely kill them.

After simply sensing the power of the demon sword, Ye Qiu put it away.

Overall, this sword was temporarily used as a trump card.

As the identity of the demon sword was sensitive, it was better not to take it out to show off.

The Overlord Halberd in his hand was enough for the time being.

At least for now, Ye Qiu didnt care about Heavenly Venerate experts when he used the Overlord Halberd.

It was enough.

It was definitely enough.

After tidying up all of this, Ye Qiu placed his gaze on the holy sword that emitted a rotten aura in the system space.

“Godslayer Good lord, this name sounds really domineering.”

Ye Qiu took a deep breath and took out the Godslayer under immense pressure.

The moment the Godslayer appeared, a rotten aura instantly spread out.

“Oh, f*ck.”

Ye Qius face turned pale.

He instantly suppressed it with all his might to prevent the aura of this holy sword from being exposed.

His dark room emitted an extreme light, as if holy light had descended, dazzling.

The pure and noble aura of heaven and earth continuously expelled the terrifying pressure of killing ghosts and gods.

Ye Qiu was terrified.

He held the Godslayer Sword in his hand for only a second, and the immortal power in his body seems to have been sucked dry.

His face turned pale and he was traumatized.

Cold sweat flowed down his face as he put away the holy sword and didnt dare to rashly try again.

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