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Seeing Nanny Sun and Nanny Xiao like this, Concubine Yun gritted her teeth and closed her eyes.

In the end, all her efforts were in vain.

She was not as useless as Lu Shiming.

She quickly calmed down and opened her eyes again to reveal a determined look.

Nanny Sun and Nanny Xiao were thrown in front of the people and cried.

“Madam, Im guilty.

Im guilty.

On the account that Ive served you for my entire life, please let me off this time.”

Su Qiongs tone was cold as she said, “You cant make up for your mistake, not even with your life.

Servants who betray their master will never be forgiven.”

Su Qiong thought that she wouldnt be able to bear it and would be in so much pain that she would break down.

However, at this moment, she was strangely calm.

This was because after so many days of extreme agony, she was already insensitive to pain.

Lu Shiming looked at Su Qiong.

He had never been so afraid in his life to the point that he didnt even dare to look her in the eyes..

Lu Ranrans body trembled.

“Mother, what do you mean Am I not your daughter”

Lu Ranran looked at Su Qiong with tears in her eyes.

They rolled down her face like pearls.

Su Qiong closed her eyes and said without looking at Lu Ranran, “Ranran, youre still my daughter.

This wont change.”

Lu Ranran shook her head.

“I dont believe it.”

Lu Ranran covered her chest and started coughing.

The glow on her face quickly faded, and every cough hit Su Qiong like a blow.

The maidservants in charge of taking care of Lu Ranran became nervous.

“Second Miss, Second Miss.”

Su Qiongs heart ached.

She doted on Lu Ranran for more than ten years.

She cared about Lu Ranrans every move.

She was worried when Lu Ranran coughed violently.

Lu Ranran reached out to Su Qiong.

“Mother, I feel terrible.

I cant breathe.

Help me.”

Su Qiong clenched her fists so tightly that her fingers dug into her flesh.

If it was in the past, she would definitely hold Lu Ranran in her arms and call for a doctor.

Nothing was more important than Lu Ranran.

But now, she couldnt.

Su Qiong closed her eyes and said slowly, “All along, its my fault.

Its my tolerance that gave you the illusion.

Today, Ill tell you that I, Su Qiong, want to divorce Lu Shiming.

Well have nothing to do with each other from now on.”

Lu Shimings eyes widened.

He looked at Su Qiong and could not believe what he heard.

How could she bring herself to divorce him

Lu Shiming gritted his teeth and said with difficulty, “I dont agree.”

He hadnt gotten anything out of Su Qiong yet.

The concubines who had been called over could not hold it in anymore.

What about them henceforth

They were all Lu Shimings concubines.

If Lu Shiming was kicked out, what did he have How could he possibly support them They pulled their children to kneel down and begged.

“Madam, you and Master cant divorce…”

Facing Su Qiongs cold gaze, they lowered their heads in shame.

Even though they knew that their words meant nothing, they still wanted to give it a try.

Su Qiong didnt want to hear it at all.

She said calmly, “Save yourself the trouble of persuading me.

At the end of the day, youre all thorns by my side.

Although Ive never cared, I cant deny that Ill never like any of you.”

Just because she was tolerant did not mean that these thorns did not exist.

In the past, she could tolerate it, but now, she couldnt bear it at all.

Lu Shiming stared at Su Qiong.

“You vicious woman, you…”

Su Qiong interrupted him coldly.

“Youve committed a huge crime.

Ive already reported it to the government.

Neither you nor Concubine Yun can escape the punishment by the law.”

Lu Shimings body went limp.

“You, how can you do this!”

Not only did she want to divorce him, but she also wanted him to go to jail.

Concubine Yun narrowed her eyes and looked at Su Qiong with ruthlessness.

The maidservants who went to bring Lu Run returned.

They looked panicked and knelt down.

They reported fearfully.

“Madam, we… we couldnt find Fourth Young Master.”

Su Qiong widened her eyes in shock.

“What How is that possible”

Her body swayed, and her heart seemed to have been dug out.

She took a few steps backward.

“Wheres Lu Run”

The maidservant said in a trembling voice, “Madam, when we went there, there was no one in Fourth Young Masters room.

We searched the entire courtyard but couldnt find him.”

Concubine Yun smiled.

“Madam, you didnt expect this, did you”

Concubine Yun stood up and looked at Su Qiong indifferently with a cold expression.

“Why are you so annoying It wasnt easy for Master and I to raise Lu Qingqing into a useless idiot.

Why did you have to ruin our plan”

If it werent for Su Qiong stopping her, Lu Qingqing would already be married.

They could also get a share of this huge family business.

Ever since she entered the mansion and realized that Su Qiong was the matriarch, she had started her planning.

Lu Shiming was useless and would listen to everything she said.

But she had underestimated Su Qiong.

However, she would rather die than give up.

Upon receiving the news that Nanny Sun and Nanny Xiao were brought back, she was ready to execute plan B.

There was no absolute secret in this world.

Knowing that every secret would be exposed sooner or later, she had prepared a back-up in advance.

Su Qiong glared at Concubine Yun hatefully.

“Where did you hide Lu Run Give him back to me.”

Lu Shiming looked at Concubine Yun and heaved a sigh of relief.

He said fiercely, “Yun, tell her to handover the Su family to us and get out.”

Lu Shiming knew that he was not Su Qiongs match, but Concubine Yun was smart.

Having Lu Run was equivalent to holding the biggest chip.

Concubine Yun glanced at Lu Shiming and suppressed the annoyance in her heart.

She turned to look at Su Qiong.

“Madam, do you want to know where he is Then kneel down and beg me.

Beg me, and Ill tell you!”

Zhu Changyuan frowned and shouted.

“How dare you.

Arent you aware youve committed a serious crime I wont let you off.”

Concubine Yun smiled.

“Magistrate Zhu, dont frighten me.

Im very neurotic and cant stand being frightened.

If I accidentally faint, I dont know when Ill wake up again.

Dont you think so, Madam”

Su Qiongs body trembled as she said with difficulty, “Magistrate Zhu, this is a family matter.”

Zhu Changyuan shot Concubine Yun an angry look and took a deep breath.

“Alright, I understand.”

Su Qiong gave Zhu Changyuan a grateful look before looking at Concubine Yun.

“If you dont hurt Lu Run, Ill pretend that nothing happened.”

Concubine Yun narrowed her eyes and smiled.

She looked around.

“Ive said it before.

Kneel down and beg me.

If you beg me, Ill consider it.

Just like how you did to me back then.”

When she first entered the mansion, her ambition was to replace Su Qiong.

She was quite arrogant back then because Lu Shiming was deeply in love with her.



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