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When they returned to Yong County, it was already afternoon.

Wei Shilai got someone to lock Wu Ju up.

Wei Shilai had a headache.

He sighed and said, “Miss Liu, do you have a way to take away Wu Jus power, just like what you did with Jiang Bing previously”

If he reported this case, Wu Ju would definitely be taken away.

He would not die.

Such power was undoubtedly terrifying.

If only there was no such power.

Liu Sanniang shook her head.

“My ability is far inferior to his.

He can create an illusion so powerful, but I cant.”

This was like the difference between a fish and a shark.

The only good thing was that Wu Ju did not start a massacre.

Wei Shilai frowned.

“Then I can only report the case to the emperor.

What decision the emperor will make is unknown.”

Liu Sanniang nodded.

That was the only way.

Wei Shilai said, “Miss Liu, you must be tired.

Go back and rest.”

Liu Sanniang nodded and walked out.

One of the officers stopped her.

Liu Sanniang looked at the officer in confusion.

From the officers eyes, she saw Wu Ju.

The officer said, “Miss Liu, Im waiting for you to come and talk to me.”

Liu Sanniang was shocked.

Wu Ji was powerful to the extent that he could control people at will.

He was much stronger than Jiang Bing.

After saying that, the officer returned to normal.

When he realized that he had stopped Liu Sanniang, he was stunned and quickly moved aside.

When Liu Sanniang left, the officer rubbed his head in confusion.

What was he doing here

Liu Sanniang met Officer Zhang again.

When he saw her, he immediately turned around and ran away.

Liu Sanniang heard him curse in a low voice.

“Oh! Damn it, was I stupid I actually wanted to fight with her over Chu Yans love.”

Liu Sanniang blushed.

In the illusion, she and Chu Yan were a married couple.

After leaving the government office, she saw Chu Yan waiting for her by the carriage.

Liu Sanniang wanted to sneak away, but he had already walked over.

He gave her a warning look that seemed to sayDont you dare!.

As they walked towards the carriage hand in hand, he said, “What are you afraid of I wont eat you.”

After saying that, he paused and added.

“At least not now.”

Liu Sanniang wished she could find a hole to bury herself in.

She quickly got into the carriage, not wanting to talk to Chu Yan.

How many sides did he have!

Chu Yan drove the carriage to send Liu Sanniang back.

After they arrived, he brought the horse to the backyard and did not leave immediately.

Liu Sanniang was a little nervous.

Chu Yan smiled.

“Show me General Black.

Let me see how big hes grown.”

Liu Sanniang bit her lip and went to carry General Black over.

Within a month, General Black had gotten many times bigger than what he used to be.

He looked at Liu Sanniang with his black eyes and kept rubbing his head against her palm, asking to be touched.

Liu Sanniang wanted to hand General Black to Chu Yan, but the puppy was struggling and making muffled sounds.

Liu Sanniang looked at Chu Yan.

He was simply a devil.

Not only was she afraid of him, but also her dog…

Chu Yan reached out and grabbed General Blacks neck.

He stopped smiling and narrowed his eyes.

A male dog had to be castrated!

General Black seemed to be crying.

He struggled with all fours, begging Liu Sanniang to save him.

Liu Sanniang mustered her courage and took General Black back.

“The dog must be hungry.

Ill get him something to eat.”

Chu Yan looked at Liu Sanniang and said, “You dont have to feed him too much.

If he gets too fat, hell be lazy and wont want to move.

A fat dog is useless.”

Liu Sanniang replied casually.

“Got it.”

She heated up milk for General Black and also took some minced meat and rice for him to eat.

She looked at Chu Yan who was still lingering around and felt like crying.

Why was he still here

Chu Yan looked at Liu Sanniangs flustered expression and smiled.

“My clothes should be ready, right”

Liu Sanniang gritted her teeth.

“Will you leave after taking the clothes”

Chu Yan smiled.


Liu Sanniang returned to the house and brought out a set of black clothes.

She thrust them in Chu Yans hands with a look that saidBye.

Chu Yan really did not stay any longer.

He took the clothes and left.

Liu Sanniang heaved a sigh of relief and returned to her room to lay on the bed.

Her mind was filled with the karma that Wu Ju had mentioned.

It was a fact that Wu Ju had attained Nirvana, but why was there still evil in him

Chu Yan said that he smelled bad.

Liu Sanniang was puzzled and while thinking, she fell asleep.

At night, Madam Wei made many good dishes and kept putting food into Liu Sanniangs bowl.

They all heaved a sigh of relief to see Liu Sanniang come back in one piece.

They had heard about the murder cases and were very worried about Liu Sanniang.

For the next few days, Liu Sanniang did not go out.

Sometimes, she would meditate.

She could feel that after every meditation, she had accumulated some power.

At the beginning of October, she decided to meet Wu Ju.

When she arrived at the government office, Liu Sanniang said to Wei Shilai, “Sir, I want to see Wu Ju.”

Wei Shilais eyes lit up with hope.

“Sure, hes being held in captivity in the government office.”

Wei Shilai did not know what Wu Ju wanted to do either.

He was afraid that Wu Ju would start a massacre, but for the past few days, he did not.

Wu Ju still looked kind and amiable, and even the officers guarding him could not help but treat him with kindness.

It was as if they were not guarding a vicious criminal but a Buddha.

Liu Sanniang said truthfully, “I am going to meet him to clear my confusion.”

Wei Shilais hope was dashed.

He said with his eyes cast down, “Sure.”

When Liu Sanniang entered the cell, Wei Shilai was a little worried.

Wu Ju, who was sitting quietly in the cell, looked at him.

“Magistrate Wei, dont worry.

I wont kill anyone who doesnt deserve to be killed.

Go out.”

How could Wei Shilai not be worried He didnt want to go out, but his legs were walking away on their own.

The officers who were guarding the cell also followed Wei Shilai out.

Wu Ju looked at Liu Sanniang and smiled faintly.

“Its not a comfortable place to have a talk.

Please dont mind it.”

Liu Sanniang did not care.

She sat on the ground, separated from Wu Ju by bars.

She looked at Wu Ju.

“You know what Im confused about”

Wu Ju smiled.

“I know.

Given two more years, youll be able to subdue me.

But now, theres still a gap between you and me.”

Liu Sanniang said, “Why are you both good and evil”

Wu Ju stretched out his hand.

“If you want to know, why dont you take a look yourself”

Liu Sanniang looked at Wu Jus hand.

His skin was very fair, but he was by no means muscular.

However, he could kill without needing to do it himself.

It was a challenge to read Wu Ju.

This was also equivalent to putting herself on the edge because Wu Ju could devour her at any time.

With her current power, she wouldnt be able to fight back and could die.


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